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Although many riders will be trying their best to ignore the onset of colder, wetter weather the reality is at some point we will all have to prepare for the winter months. Not only will a little preparation make life more comfortable for you and your horse but some investment now will pay dividends when the really bad weather kicks in.

In this simple guide Equimins show us their winter offerings and give you a kick start to the off season.

Stable hygiene (and why it matters)

As the month rolls on and the temperature begins to drop, especially at night, may be people will be considering bringing their horses in…or may have already made the leap. Stabling your horse for some of the day or night does present its own problems, and stable hygiene is one of these, but the good news is that with careful management (and a little help from the right products) you can keep on top of everything. Here are Equimins’s tips…

Stable Fresh – Invest in the right bedding – different bedding suits different types of horses – straw emins1 might be perfect for one horse in your care, but if you have another that’s very wet or has dust allergies, the chances are it won’t work for him. Do your research and find the best type- there’s plenty to choose from!

Ammonia is more than just a bad smell – it can also compromise the horse’s respiratory system. Regularly mucking out and skipping out can help, as can using a dry disinfectant floor freshener like Equimin’s Stable Fresh. This dry powder is really impressive, so check it out here

Microlat Stable Disinfectant – Decreasing dust – even if your horse doesn’t have a dust allergy, microlat_stable_dis1L copyreducing dust in the stable is a good idea. This can be through choosing quality bedding, keeping surfaces clean, and using a product like Microlat Stable Disinfectant that acts on dust bearing bacteria can help. Find out more here 

Keep clean – skip out as much as you can if your horse is in. Manure and urine can also compromise the horse’s hooves if he has to stand in it.

So that’s the stable sorted… now what about paddocks? 

Condition as the grass drops off – simply Advance!

Most horses look pretty good after the summer, when they’ve been able to graze on lush pastures and enjoy the summer sunshine. As the grass starts to drop off as the temperatures drop, you might notice your horse starts to lose a bit of condition, which isn’t really what you want heading into the winter. Taking ‘action’ early is a great way to ensure your horse stays looking healthy all winter long. For this, we recommend Advance Concentrate Complete.

Advance Concentrate Complete is a forage balancer – in fact, all you need to add to your horse’s diet is forage when feeding this product. It contains high specification vitamins, trace elements and bioavailable minerals in addition to probiotics and ingredients selected to support the gut and the digestion of fibre. Read more about it here  Equimins are so confident in this product that if you don’t notice a difference in condition after feeding it for two months – THEY WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK! How about that?

If you need an extra boost later in the season, Advance Concentrate Complete can be fed alongside Cooked Linseed or any of the oils on supply here So what about winter coat and skin care?

Time for a clip… If you clip your horse (or you’re thinking about clipping your horse), make sure you clean_coat_500ml copyhave a look at Clean Coat, Equimin’s spearmint scented body wash that also works as a pre clip degreaser. With Tea tree Oil, Allantoin, Witch Hazel and Spearmint to soothe the skin and make sure the coat is scrupulously clean. Read more about this product here

Prepare for mud fever…The dry weather we’re experiencing at the moment has shielded many of us from the dreaded mud fever – but if your horse usually suffers from it, now’s a good time to get prepared.

mud_block_cream_500g copyConsider feeding Mud Block Supplement which is jam packed with minerals, herbal extracts, essential oils, dried herbs and ground herbal roots that have beneficial skin enhancing properties to help protect horses from the ill effects of exposure to mud. Find out more here

For maximum effect, use in conjunction with Mud Block Cream ,

Mud Block Lotion or Mud Slide to ensure your horse’s legs are well protected – as the saying goes… prevention is better than cure!mud_block_cream_500g copy

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