Equafleece – dry in the rain, clean in the mud; speed-dry. Snug as a bug – whatever the weather, whoever the wearer.

Equafleece – one garment, at least 2 uses as good as Buy One, Get One Free

Equafleece fleeces are made in Britain from sumptuously soft Polartec® 200 in 12 colours, 8 styles and 36+ stock sizes for dogs alone. 

2-in-1 – all their garments have at least 2 primary functions. Buy any of the 100% rainproof fleeces and you have drying togs as well, buy a cooling vest and also use it as a stress vest … 

FLEECES – the fleece coats, jumpers, suits and tankies keep your dog dry and clean on the wettest and muddiest of walks, AND dry off a dog that is already wet, AND keep any canine warm without overheating.  A bonus – customers regularly report increased mobility in older dogs on taking up the Equafleece habit.

T-Shirt BODY AND T-Shirt SUIT – great for contact allergy protection, AND proven stress relief vest / firework fear, AND cooling garment, AND post-operative care.

SUMMER SUIT – tick protection, shower protection, AND keeping clean and free from debris such as burrs, whatever the weather

DOG SHORTS – comfortable and clean for bitches in season, AND those with incontinence.

Since 2000 Equafleece has been making garments in Devon for dogs that need them, no gimmicks, no fashion statements – just gear that works as hard as you do to keep your canine companion in the best of health and happy as can be, in style.

Online shopping www.equafleece.co.uk or call 01822 820 550. 

We will be at Badminton Horse Trials, Stand number 241 Hinnegar Way, come and share our box of Quality Street.



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