Report By Amanda Brown

Eland Lodge never fail to impress with another fantastic first event of 2015 hosted by John Coupland and the team. The venue is loved by local competitors for always having fantastic surfaces and being a good honest cross country course with the main test being that of fitness due to the cross country being based on the natural Staffordshire hills. This makes for a fantastic viewing point for spectators with a majority of the cross country course viewed from the gallery at the top of the hill where spectators can enjoy an ice cream whilst monitoring the score boards.

The BE90 saw double clears all round for the top three finishers. The top completing score was produced by Robyn Gray and Narita who completed on their 21.3 dressage score. The 7 year old mare was on her BE debut clearly taking it all in her stride. Charlotte Clewlow continued on her success from Stafford with Eloise on the mare’s second ever event taking second place narrowly behind Jane Armstrong and Bramcotes Lucky 7. Clewlow said, “Eloise was a pleasure to ride. To ride or watch her you would never have known it was only her second event, she breezed round! I couldn’t be happier with her. Both myself and her owner, Isla Udall, are very excited about her future.”

In the BE100 Alice Walker and Rhapsody RFW made their first step up to BE100 finishing on the best completing score of the weekend, 19.3. Walker said, “Rhapsody RFW made the step up to BE100 easily, I was a passenger the whole way around the cross country. She jumped everything beautifully out of her stride. Her dressage was on form again and she has become very confident in the show jumping. I’m so grateful to my sister for letting me compete her, she’s always a pleasure to ride.” The pair were running following a win in the BE90 at Stafford just weeks before.

In Section I of the BE100 Emily Gilruth and Miss Ruby Diamond also dominated completing again on their dressage score. Gilruth spoke after the event, “Eland Lodge is a lovely event, I hadn’t been for a few years and the changes they had made to the cross country meant that it really flowed and rode well. Miss Ruby Diamond, who took time to mature last year, is an exciting 6 year old who is now ready to do a novice. Kirstie Jack, who owns her, has been very patient so winning at Eland was a fair reward.”

In the BE100 Under 18, 16 year old Ant Woodbine took the win easily with Carnsdale Sunnyside who she has owned for 5 years. Woodbine said, “Sunny and I are about to compete in the Badminton Grassroots BE100 final in two weeks and Eland was my last event prior to this. I am hoping to go Novice after Badminton and will be aiming for the Under 18 Championships at Weston Park last on this year. I train with my sister Phoebe and it’s very much a team effort for the whole family…The whole day was lovely and the prizes were the best I’ve had as I won a Charles Own skull hat.”

The Novice was dominated by Izzy Taylor with Direct Cavalier and Direct Puissance taking the one-two. The time in the Novice seemed the cause issues with only three combinations completing within the cross country time out of the two Novice sections.

BE90 Section A

1st Robyn Gray & Narita 21.3 double clear
2nd Katie Roethenbaugh & Finnegan Beginagain II 24.3 double clear
3rd Michelle Sampson & Rocket VII 24.8 double clear

BE90 Section B

1st Ellie Jolliffe & Just Before Three 23.8 double clear
2nd Fenella Selby & Ronco 24.8 double clear
3rd Lorna Walker & Emlyn 25.5 double clear

BE90 Section C

1st Samantha Cadwallader & The Doc 26.5 double clear
2nd Sarah Caplan & Barones 27.5 double clear
3rd Laura Hayward & Stanhopes Travelling Man 27.5 double clear

BE90 Section D

1st Sophie Wilson & Annaghmore Gwenievere 27.5 double clear
2nd Claire Pytches & Jigilo Junior 28.8 double clear
3rd Rachel Andrews & Misty Meg 29.3 double clear

BE90 Section E

1st Dan Mould & Flynn De Montfort 30 double clear
2nd Alison King & Blits The Lillies 31.3 double clear
3rd Hayley Mayer & Riverside Molly 32.3 double clear

BE90 Section M

1st Jane Armstrong & Bramcotes Lucky 7 24.8 double clear
2nd Charlotte Clewlow & Eloise 26.8 double clear
3rd Caroline Basnett & Newmarket Diamond 32.3 double clear

BE100 Section G

1st Alice Walker & Rhapsody RFW 19.3 double clear
2nd Nicholas Bevan & Boleiro N 24.3 double clear
3rd Harriet Noakley & Dorland 24.5 double clear

BE100 Section H

1st Jasmine Watson & Little Horse 31 double clear
2nd Rachel Holden & Martel 27.3, 4 SJ, 0.4 XCT
3rd Cathrine Taylor & Lorelei 27.8, 4 XCT

BE100 Section I
1st Emily Gilruth & Miss Ruby Diamond 30.5 double clear
2nd Georgina Ridal & Sabrehill Solo 28, 4 SJ
3rd Tori Brown & Cruise Around 31.5, 2.4 XCT

BE100 Section N

1st Vicki Ardern & Silver Cloud III 31 double clear
2nd Jasmine Kitson & KS Jazz 32 double clear
3rd Tyler Cassells & Sassanias 32.5, 0.4 XCT

BE100 Open Section F

1st Joanne Bednall & Deva Zsandar 22.8, 1.6 XCT
2nd Georgia Bennett & Monarch of the Glen VI 25.3 double clear
3rd Tracey Crane & Henry The Hunter 28.5 double clear

BE100 Under 18 Section J

1st Ant Woodbine & Carnsdale Sunnyside 22.5 double clear
2nd Sophie Wilson & Lookout Lollypop 24.3 double clear
3rd Emily Maclean & Cloonrane Boy 28 double clear

Novice Section K

1st Izzy Taylor & Direct Puissance 26.5 double clear
2nd Izzy Taylor & Direct Cavalier 26.5, 0.8 XCT
3rd Vicky Tuffs & Brilliant 29.5, 6.4 XCT

Open Novice Section L

1st Andrea Clark & Murphy’s Bonanza 24, 2 XCT
2nd Natalie Gamblin & Wincent 30, 2.4 XCT
3rd Taggy Forester-Bennett Bonza Moorabinda 23.3, 10.8 XCT

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