The last of Eland Lodge’s BE fixtures for 2015 has been and gone with another fantastically organised event. The stunning venue, set in the Derbyshire countryside, lends itself to fit horses with some fantastic galloping hills and some testing combinations including the now infamous Horseware  Island that has found so many combinations stuck on top of. The ground was perfectly prepared with woodchips set out to soften the take-off and landing spots during what has been  a spell of very hot weather leaving many venues with concrete like surfaces.

The Four Year Old class sponsored by KBIS saw Katherine Howe and Valentino 46 complete on a fantastic score of 21.8 at their first event. Howe commented on the rather interesting way in which she acquired Valentino 46, “I bought Fergus (Valentino 46) at the 2013 Brightwells December sale and have broken and produced him myself. I chose Eland as the first event for him as the dressage arenas are a dream and the show jumping is on a surface. We travelled up on the Saturday and rode him at the event so he had time to settle. The event was extremely friendly. I never look at my score until the end but heard it as I approached fence 3 on the cross country and was thrilled. My aim was the hopefully get to Osberton Young Horse Finals. Fergus will now hopefully do two more young horse classes for experience and is being aimed for a few age classes British Show Jumping. He was a project I bought with my husband and he was lot 46. My husband follows the motorbike racer, Valentino Rossi, who races under the number 46 hence the horse’s name!” 

The BE90 sections saw more pairings struggle to make the time due to the hills, however this didn’t cause any issues for Victoria Watson and Harvey XV who took the win in section G, Watson commented, “My season is going great recently; I had a second at Keysoe, third at Shelford, third at Little Downham and eventually a win at Eland Lodge. Harvey belongs to my partner, Phillip Lowe, who is the saddle specialist at Zebra Products, so I get to ride in fantastic saddles – Equipe for dressafe and Amerigo for jumping. Our aim is to get to Badminton Grassroots and so far we have one regional ticket for 2016…We have also qualified for a regional final in BD so lots going on at the minute. Harvey is proving to be very consistent this season, he absolutely loves his jumping. The cross country rode fantastic although we did have a scary moment at fence nine when he did an enormous leap off the island, but he love the gallop up into the woods. I was very aware I had to go inside the time to keep in the placings so my foot was flat to the floor but we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was our first trip to Eland and we will definitely be going back again. Huge thanks to everyone involved in running such a great event and also a huge thanks to Phil for letting me take on the ride!”

In section H of the BE90 Lucas Poole and Sarah Roberts battled it out for first place with both gaining a score of 23 after the dressage. Unfortunately for Roberts two cross country time faults were enough for Lucas Poole to take the win. Poole commented, “Brookstreet Hamilton, owned by Sue Bradbury, was a star. He has really grown up this year and is off to do BD Regionals next weekend so we were pleased with his 23 dressage. He lives with Sue and he’s just one of the good guys. Sue keeps him fit and schools him on the flat. I also ride his Father, Bazaars Chief. (My other ride) Casino Royal VIII, owned by Jo Roper, was only broken and started at the start of the year by Armstrong Equine. She did her second BE90 at Eland and jumped a lovely double clear. She has grown up a lot in the twelve weeks she has been with us at Bazaars Stud and hopefully, fingers crossed, she will be a horse we will aim at an international event next year. The team at Eland Lodge did a fantastic job. The ground was good for the time of year and as always a very well run event.”

Jessica Beasley is a face seen regularly throughout the midlands region on the eventing circuit and she selected Eland Lodge to give her horse, Mister Bond II, his first BE run. Beasley took the win in section I saying, “I was over the moon with Mister Bond II as it was his first BE event, although he had shown us he was special already by winning his first two unaffiliated events too so he completed the hat trick for hree wins in a row! He is such a cool customer I sometimes wonder if he is going to wake up enough for the cross country! Nothing phases him and he gave me such a great ride across country never changing his rhythm.”

Helen Dunning and Tea in Marrakech lead the way from the Dressage on a score of 20.5 with one pole show jumping in section J still leaving them as winners ahead of Rhianwen Llewelyn and Bennie Bach. Unfortunately for Dunning 3.2 cross country time faults meant it was second the best, Dunning commented on Kinsey Racing’s gelding, “It was Tea In Marrakech’s first run since coming out of racing. He did start at Warwick Hall but severely overreached and had to have eight weeks off so had to withdraw before the show jumping. I was thrilled with his dressage and he show jumped very well. He hasn’t quite mastered the timing yet show jumping to have one fence. Cross country he was a complete pro, he has only schooled cross country three times so I was thrilled with how he coped. He had a few time as the ground was a little firm and I wanted to look after him at his first event.”

Rhianwen Llewelyn-Davies was delighted with Bennie Bach’s win, saying, “Bennie Bach is a homebred eight year old. It was his first affiliated event having done two unaffiliated previously. He was broken as a six year old but turned away last year as I had a baby. He gave me a lovely run around the cross country and was very bold. This was greatly appreciated as it was my first event since having my baby.”

The BE100 saw Shari Dobson take the win in Section A in very good company ahead of Jeanette Brakewell and Georgie Rockingham. Dobson commented, “Monte (Millhouse Montaire) felt food perfect from start to finish. His dressage has always been his strongest area as he has only been jumping with me for five months and he has come on in leaps and bounds! It was only his second affiliated one day event and his first BE100 so a win was amazing. I always really enjoy the events Eland Lodge run as they provide such quality competitions. I would like to thank Victoria Musson for giving me Monte to compete.”

Section C of the BE100 was lead with a strong performance by Nicola O’Connor and June D who finished on their dressage score of 32. Vicki Hancox, followed closely behind adding just 1.2 cross country time penalties to a dressage result of 33.3. Hancox said, “I had three fab young horses at Eland Lodge on Saturday, it was the first time I had been there and it’s a lovely event! Sue Peckham’s Brygadier William, who is a six year old, did his first 100 jumping a super double clear for second. This is his first season eventing and I know he can do a better test than we did so still room for improvement which is exciting! I’m excited about his future and our patience is paying off. His owner had a nasty fall and broke her back so she has very kindly given me the ride on him for this season. I’ve had him on and off for schooling livery since last year but he has stayed since April with Sue’s injury. Fingers crossed I can keep the ride next year too!”

It was double clears all round in the Open section of the BE100 with Hannah Bate leading the way with a sub thirty dressage score. Bate said, “The horse was purchased by owners from the Going for Gold high performance sale last November. He is a horse we think an awful lot of and has all the makings of a top horse but we are realistic as we have only done a handful of events. He has qualified for Burghley Young Event Horse Final and now the aim is to qualify for the Five Year Old Breeding Championships at Obsberton in October. The event was extremely friendly and the collecting ring stewards in every phase were very accommodating – with us being multiple horse riders it always makes our life easier. The show jumping was good being on an all-weather surface and they did the best they could with the ground through this dry patch. The take offs and landings were woodchip and the course gave a very educational feel.”

The bold Novice course was a time test for many pairings and proved to be much more than just a dressage competition. Victoria Campey put in a particularly strong performance adding just 2.4 cross country time penalties to her score of 33 in the dressage to win section E. Campey said, “The event was ran very well, I enjoyed every part. John (who owns Eland Lodge) recognised Ben Hobday and everyone wishes him a speedy recovery. I work full time at Asda Head Office looking after all of their trucks and vans. I could not do this without my Mother, Liz Campey, and our super groom, ‘Nanny Netty’. I have a very supporting parent who supports me and a non horsey boyfriend who is quickly becoming horsey! Border Bay is a cheeky chap with a huge personality and I have had him since he was three years old.”

In the Open section of the Novice a sub thirty dressage score was needed to gain a top three placing. Katie Barber and Moylaw Badger did just that with a 24.3 double clear to take the win by a clear margin. Following behind was Lucy Frankham and Diamond Vechta who took second with a fast time across country. Frankam said, “Eland Lodge was such a lovely, well ran event. The 100 was my first ever event on Diamond Vechta this year so I was excited to return and ride around the Novice track. Heather Jacks has been giving me dressage lessons and we have really improved. I was so pleased to get a 28. However, my Dad (Sean), has given me the most help regarding jumping and I owe my double clear to all his training. Vechta was fantastic, so bold around the cross country and we are really understanding each other show jumping. I’m so excited for the rest of the season and we are aiming for Weston Park Junior*.”

Report by Amanda Brown

Photographs Courtesy of Hoofprints Photography


Four Year Old Sponsored by KBIS Section L 

1st Katherine Howe & Valentino 46, 21.8 D, Double Clear

2nd Noah Brook & G Star 25.3 D, Double Clear

3rd Phillipa Ward & Quality Mack 26.3 D, Double Clear

BE90 Section G 

1st Victoria Watson & Harvey XV 25.3 D, Double Clear

2nd Harry Rugman & Kerry II 25.8 D, Double Clear

3rd Chris Ward & Noble Phantom 26 D, 1.2 XCT

BE90 Section H 

1st Lucas Poole & Brookstreet Hamilton 23 D, Double Clear

2nd Sarah Roberts & Cartier VD Ruitershoeve 23 D, 2 XCT

3rd Yvonne Watson & Masters Coevers 25.8 D, Double Clear

BE90 Section I 

1st Jessica Beasley & Mister Bond II 20.8 D, Double Clear

2nd Chloe Pearson & Garrybritt Calvin 18.8 D, 4 SJ

3rd Jennifer Plant & Total Reprimand 23.5 D, Double Clear

BE90 Section J 

1st Rhianwen Llewelyn & Bennie Bach 25 D, 2.4 XCT

2nd Helen Dunning & Tea In Marrakech 20.5 D, 4 Sj, 3.2 XCT

3rd Becky Hartley & Litchfield Foxtrot 29 D, 0.4 XCT

BE90 Open Section K 

1st Joshua King & Silvercroft Kenny 21.3 D, Double Clear

2nd Katie Barber & Bucks Prince 24.3 D, 4 SJ

3rd Laura Watson & Mr Po 28.8 D, Double Clear

BE100 Section A

1st Shari Dobson & Millhouse Montaire 23.8 D, Double Clear

2nd Jeanette Brakewell & Tory Massini 18 D, 4 SJ, 2 TF XCT

3rd Georgie Rockingham & September Song 24.5 D, Double Clear

BE100 Section B 

1st Alex Hua Tian & Fabiola P 28.5 D, 0.4 XCT

2nd Sally Tabberer & Reptons Bear All 29.5 D, Double Clear

3rd Tim Dobson-Seaton & Abenwho 29.3 D, 4 SJ

BE100 Section C 

1st Nicola O’Connor & June D 32 D, Double Clear

2nd Vicki Hancox & Brygadere William 33.3 D, 1.2 XCT

3rd Heidi Llewellyn & Duke V 35 D, Double Clear

BE100 Section D 

1st Sophie Walker & Rhapsody RFW 28 D, Double Clear

2nd Anna Czylok & Curolea Mika 29 D, Double Clear

3rd Lucy Varley & Parkmore Playboy 30 D, Double Clear

BE100 Open Secion M 

1st Hannah Bate & Galvanised 27.3 D, Double Clear

2nd Sophie Smyth & Mr Percival 32.8 D, Double Clear

3rd Vicki Ardern & Silver Cloud III 34 D, Double Clear

Novice Section E 

1st Victoria Campey & Border Bay 33 D, 2.4 XCT

2nd Sophie Brise & Unbelievable Spring Dream 25.8 D, 4 SJ, 6 XCT

3rd Emma Corner & Edmonton ELS 28.8 D, 8.8 XCT

Open Novice Section F 

1st Katie Barber & Moylaw Badger 24.3 D, Double Clear

2nd Lucy Frankham & Diamond Vechta 28.8 D, 2.8 XCT

3rd Christopher Whittle & Foxglove Skylark 28.5 D, 3.2 XCT

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