September sees the LeMieux National Dressage Championships return and sponsors Childéric Saddles UK are delighted to be there again, this time celebrating the successful launch of their new Childéric DNL Saddle, a brand new model for 2017.

The saddle, which was in development for over 12 months before final release, has since it’s official launch in May of this year become one of the brand’s most popular dressage saddle designs to date. Created around Childéric’s unique tree technology and paying considerable attention to freedom of movement and comfort of the horse, the saddle also incorporates a ‘Y’ girth system, which introduces a new alternative girthing system to their collection.

International dressage rider Sarah Stewart is one rider who immediately saw and felt the difference, as she explains: 

“Riding powerful dressage horses is always challenging when it comes to finding a saddle that doesn’t move forward with big movement. However, The DNL has revolutionised the feel and connection I have without impacting on the horse’s freedom of movement. I can now harness that power with a balanced connective stillness I’ve never experienced before.”

The international Saddlery brand, whose philosophy is to fit both horse and rider with an entirely bespoke approach to saddle design will be at the Nationals with the new saddle, as well as their entire dressage collection.

The DNL Saddle is available in seat sizes from 15.5 Tree Widths: Bespoke. Colours: Black, Master & Irish. Calf or Buffalo 

RRP: Prices start at £3,900.


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