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At this time of year an inevitable rider problem is hot, sweaty heads. It’s an occupational hazard for many but is really something we could do without. Comfort = concentration and focus = better performance.

Although helmet manufacturers have produced some vented styles that are lightweight and work incredibly well, many eventers still prefer to train and compete in traditional skull hats, many styles of which are unvented. The perennial problem of hat hair and odorous helmets was one which needed solving and founder and developer Charlotte Barrow has spent years developing her recently launched product ‘Drybrow’

Drybrow™ is the result of years of Charlotte’s experience wearing sports headwear. Finding that hats and helmets used in sport very quickly became laden with sweat, causing a build-up of bacteria on linings and making them rather unpleasant to wear she embarked upon finding a solution to the problem. Read more about Charlotte’s design journey here

Drybrow’s are revolutionary liners are super absorbent, ultra-thin, disposable and designed for all sports activity from amateur to elite. Quick and easy to use, drybrow™ liners conform to your forehead and fit into any hat, helmet or cap. Ultra slim, they do not affect the fit of your headwear. They are also incredibly light so are suitable for the racing industry.

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So with some Drybrow hat liners sent out to four EWW testers we set out to see if the product lived up to their claims…

Lissa Green – Pro Event Rider

‘I actually first tried DryBrow when cross country schooling on the hottest day of the year. I was delightfully impressed – everyone else was suffering with beads of sweat continuously dripping down their face and into their eyes, whilst I smugly sat there appearing as if the weather wasn’t effecting me at all… Drybrow turned a horrible day into a much more bearable one’

Gregor Knox – Pro Event Rider

‘I was pleased with the performance of the Drybrows. I found that they worked well in really hot conditions. I did find that one didn’t last all day when I was riding multiple horses so a cost factor would be an implication for me using them in the future. However, I would use the product if I was competing and found it to be very effective.’

Nikki Goldup – Amateur Rider and EWW Fashion Ed

‘I normally ride in a vented helmet at home and during dressage and SJ phases. However if I am riding 2 or 3 horses on a hot day I still get sweaty. I found the Drybrow was easy to fit into my hat and stayed in place. It was micro thin and didn’t compromise comfort or fit. Because I wasn’t riding multiple horses I was able to use the Drybrow for 2 days before changing it. My hat lining didn’t get as wet as normal and I definitely felt cooler. I rode on the hottest day this year and felt pretty comfortable and was able to whizz off to a meeting without having to wash my hair which was a revelation. One of my children (aged 7 years) tried a Drybrow as he often complains of getting a hot head. He found it worked really well and could fit one easily himself into his smaller hat. I think this product has many uses aside from Equestrianism and I look forward to seeing how it develops.’

Gary Russell – Amateur Rider and owner of Chester the flying Oirishman 

‘Not only does Garry Russell have the stickiest, soggiest, most niffiest hat on the circuit but he also wears the most extraordinary amount of hair gel to lock his summer clip in place. It is therefore a miracle that anything would stay stuck in his hat, let alone cope with hours upon hours of walking out a lively thoroughbred on box rest!  It might look small but it’s certainly got some stick ability !  3 weeks in and it it’s still going strong’  Cala Russell, wife and hair gel supplier.

The verdict

All of our testers found that ‘Drybrow’ did exactly what the manufacturers said it would do… to absorb sweat thus making your helmet and head feel more comfortable and left smelling less odoured.  Overall the product performed well but is not something you can use multiples of times, and the manufacturers suggest that they need to be replaced every time you ride (or 2-3 times for less strenuous riding). All our testers agreed that they would be useful for competition or very hot days when riding becomes quite tiring.

Drybrow are very easy to fit and use which is a bonus for busy riders. However, our testers would like to see them in larger packets or on a roll so that they become less expensive to use all the time. Priced at £6.99 for 10 liners, they still aren’t a cost effective solution for larger yards.

However as Charlotte, the founder of Drybrow says ‘I have been using people’s feedback to develop the product. I have been working on the design for our next order and have made some alterations including a more porous and better quality top layer which draws in moisture more quickly and a core that holds a slightly higher amount of liquid’.  So it seems like the next edition of Drybrow will be even more effective and definitely value for money.

Drybrow is a product to look out for and one for both the pro and amateur riders to use in summer months or hard winter training sessions. We look forward to seeing the next generation of product.

Drybrow also sponsors The Prize Giving

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