Does massage matter?

Managing Director of FMBs Therapy Systems, Serena Hickson, talks to us about the benefits of massage, and how there’s more than one way to provide this very useful type of therapy.

Massage has been used for a very long time to help tone muscles, improve circulation and for general relaxation. Human athletes have massages as part of their training regime to help keep them in the best possible condition, and sports massage is used by a range of people to help overcome ailments and issues. Many people think of massage as having to be applied by a person, as in, having a person manually massaging muscle groups to achieve the desired result. There are a number of talented, trained massage therapists out there (for horses and humans) and there are some types of massage that the horse’s owner can do as needed (ideally with guidance from a professional), but there are a number of products available that have been developed with cyclonic massage modules over key muscle groups that can massage the horse at the turn of a dial.

Mounty Massage Roller
Mounty Massage Roller

We’ve said that massage can be used for relaxation (which causes muscles to relax, a reduction in the production of stress hormones, the heart and breathing rates to slow and a reduction in blood pressure), to tone and to improve circulation. When massage promotes circulation, the manipulation of the muscles also allows greater oxygenation and removes waste products from the muscles faster. It can also help move blood, lymph and oxygen around the body.


However, do exercise caution with massage. It can be very, very useful but as with many things it shouldn’t be used too intensely. This can aggravate existing problem and mildly stress the body. This is why using a massage system as per the instructions and/or seeking help from a qualified professional can be very worthwhile.

FMBs Therapy Systems provide a number of products with massage options including the Activo-Med Combi Pro Rug, Leg Wraps, Hoof Boot, Power Pad and Power Girth. The company also sells products, like the Mounty Massage Roller, that are massage only. For more information see or call 01494 883433.

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