With the eventing season drawn to a close I find it interesting to compare the differences between horsesrnp-master-logo-outlined and their jockeys . Most horses are super fit and looking amazing after a busy season , shiny eyes , glossy costs and muscled up . The riders however ( some, not all ) are beginning to look tired , weary and ready for a quieter winter .

It’s not surprising really ….. early morning starts , multiple horses to ride everyday and the relentless task of eventing several horses potentially week in , week out takes its toll !
How many of you out there can honestly say you’ve taken as good a care with your diet as you have your horses ?

Let’s face it , our four legged friends are looking amazing because they are getting the 5* care they deserve from the inside and out ! Riders, however , have probably not been so spoilt and eaten as and when you can fit a quick bite in between horses and I’d put money on it that it was something with a high sugar content to keep you going !!

I’m just generalizing here but if that is the case and you are feeling worn out perhaps you ought to take a step back , think about what you mainly eat and maybe make a few simple changes that could seriously improve your energy levels and ultimately improve your performance …… After all , you are an athlete too !!

Eventing may have finished for another year but us horsey folk always find something to get up for at stupid o clock when it comes to our four legged friends .

Make sure you’re fueling your body correctly to keep you going for the day..

If you would like any guidance with your nutrition , as always , we are here to help !

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