Choosing a competition jacket with RB Equestrian

Competition jackets form a vital part of a show outfit. Long gone are the days of plain black or navy jackets, but instead there are not only many colour combinations to choose from, but stylish trims and hints of diamantés too.

Materials and fit have also come along  – softshell jackets have become increasingly popular, both breathable and more comfortable, they also provide a much tighter and often flattering fit.

At RB Equestrian, there are a large range of jackets varying from limited edition Equiline jackets, to fantastic fitting off the peg Pikeur jackets, or trendy new Spooks jackets that come with a great price tag – coming in to try lots on is a great way to find the perfect style for you, but we know that this isn’t always possible so here are some suggestions to help you get started….

What’s your body shape?

Because this is what transforms a jacket from ‘so-so’, to ‘oh wow’!  


Straight Shape – your bust, waist and hips are more or less in line, a very fortunate shape to be as most jacket styles will suit you! However, to create a flattering image, pick a jacket that nips in at the waist. We recommend: The Spooks Stripe Competition Jacket – a snug fit made from stretch fabric creates a flattering image yet unrestricted and comfortable too.

Pear shaped – your hips are wider than your upper body, so avoid choosing a jacket that falls to your hip line, instead choose a more traditional longer jacket. Jackets that have unique detailing at the top – such as piping or perhaps some subtle bling will help draw the eyes up and help to balance your shape. We recommend: The Pikeur Lyra Competition Jacket – with its classically styled tailoring and crystal detailing on the collar, this jacket is stylish yet sophisticated.

Inverted Triangle shape – your shoulders are quite wide or developed (you do ride a horse after all!). Make sure you still look for something with a tailored cut and a clearly defined waist – but maybe considered a heavier version of a stretch jacket.   This will help emphasise a waist but still give you freedom of movement in the saddle. We recommend: The Pikeur Sarissa jacket – traditional in its colour with a little bit of pretty detailing. This stretch jacket still has a classic look but is super comfortable to ride in and very forgiving over the shoulders.

Apple shape – you have a wide torso, broad shoulders and a full bust. Go for less bulky materials and a longer length of jacket. We recommend: The Equetech Jersey Competition Jacket –  classically styled jacket and great for all disciplines. Equetech have the market cornered in great jackets for ‘real’ shapes!  This jacket has a soft stretch for comfort and comes in a huge range of sizes.


There are fewer fit options on the market for men’s competition jackets, but use the number of buttons as a guide.

For tall men, opt to choose a higher number of buttons as this create the illusion of a shorter body. We recommend: Horseware Men’s Competition Jacket – which also comes in grey which is a little different.

For shorter or more rounded shaped men go for less buttons. We recommend: the Pikeur Delgado Competition Jacket (but be quick as this fantastic jacket has sadly been discontinued).

And once you’ve sorted out your perfect shape……

Be sure to choose a jacket that is correct for your discipline too – a navy jacket with crystal collar will be lovely in the dressage or showjumping arena, but not suitable for the show ring. Do your research first, get some ideas and then head in store to try lots on to ensure you get the best jacket for you.

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