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Chilham is in a picturesque setting, with stunning gardens and the backdrop of Chilham Castle.

We arrived nice and early to get the start of the dressage on the first day, the dressage was nicely away from the lorry park and any signs of jumps, and although it was busy it seemed a relatively relaxed atmosphere. Wandering over to say hello to the stewards I noticed they had a huge tub of sweets for everyone…..quickly becoming one of my favourite events already! The ground at Chilham is very undulating (that’s putting it mildly!) but they had worked really hard given the recent dry conditions and the dressage was on a relatively flat section.

After watching a number of tests (including a couple of my friends) it was time to move on. Off we wandered to the show jumping arena which was on a slight slope, one fence in particular seemed to cause a few problems, number 5 the music notes was on the downhill and I felt for the stewards looking after that jump. It was a lovely spread out course but required your horse to be listening due to the way the land lies. It was clear that the course required a little riding to make sure you got that clear!

We headed off to the cross country start, even though I hadn’t bought my horse I was very excited to walk the BE90 course, I had seen a few friends post some pictures the night before! The first few fences were very inviting and after fence 3 you were on the downhill. They had included some newer fences so there was some brighter colour on the fences and some were also dressed with some (spooky to some) flowers. The first combination was at fence 6, two benches on curve with a very slight downhill then it was a kick on for the first of the waters. The next combination was fence 9 which was also the second water, roll top into the water then another roll top all on a curve. At this point you start coming back up, and the next few fences were all fairly straight forward, a couple of brushes, a double palisade and a step up. 16 was a log with a steep decline to another log, then out into the open for the home straight and over the castle then through the finish!

Whilst we were walking, we checked out all the other courses BE80(T), BE100 and Novice. All of which looked inviting but courses that required riding, a few questions throughout each course namely a couple of quick thinking combinations. The builders had used the undulating ground very well and were really thinking about the partnership between horse and rider……I was slightly more gutted after walking the course!

Sadly I could make it back on the Sunday for the BE100 or Novice which was a shame as it’s such a great event I would have happily been there two days. But I did manage to catch up on the results:

BE80(T) Section F
1. Nicola Welch and Saucy Pickle
2. Madeleine Tomlin and Chiddock Lord of the Manor
3. Elaine Souter and Verver – M

BE80(T) Section G
1. Melissa Joannides and Strike up the Band
2. Zoe Gould and Kiliterian Robuck Girl
3. Libby Halls and Indio

BE80(T) Section H
1. Amelia Sykes and Cendys First
2. Emily Fairhurst and Standen Dusty Miller
3. Toby Dingle and Clear Flight

BE90 Section A
1. Lisa Pilbeam and Doucette du Seigneur
2. Harriet Baillie and Woodlands Bright Spark
3. Howard Newitt and Ard Dover

BE90 Section B
1. Naomi Henderson and Watchover Tigger
2. Zoe Macqueen and Moon Sparrow
3. Victoria Whiteman and Summer VII

BE90 Section C
1. Emily Taggart and Solo XII
2. Yvie Jeanne and Brians Boy
3. Matthew Selby and Bluecrop Boy

BE90 Section E
1. Lucy K Wheeler and Grangeford Boy
2. Hannah Savage and Major Turn
3. Lisa Pilbeam and Cavaliers Molly Moot

BE90Open Section D
1. Lisa Pilbeam and Galwaybay Timberlina
2. Sacha Hourigan and Jumbalawyer
3. Kylie Roddy and SRS Kan Do

BE100 Section I
1. Will Furlong and El Limit
2. Sarah Waterfall and Toby Horse
3. Kristy Cutler and Walkingonsunshine

BE100 Section J
1. Gemma Tattersall and Tillingbourne
2. Georgina Beach Patrick and Harry Duke
3. Emma Handebeaux and Marshlands Charisma

BE100 Section K
1. Will Furlong and Funny Boy Fortuna
2. Gemma Tattersall and Revel Encore
3. Hannah Pack and Chequers

BE100Open Section L
1. Edwina Phipps and Summer High
2. Harry Dzenis and Jacksonlyn
3. Harriet Upton and Arabella II

BE100Plus Section N
1. Aileen Tizzard and Ballysteen Hero
2. Camilla Kruger and Sacred Sound
3. Lisa Pilbeam and Cullawn Warrior

BE100Ou18 Section M
1. Madeleine Ambort and Pengelly Artemis
2. Claire Hunt and Juba
3. Antonia Wallace and Barney XIII

Novice Section O
1. Andrew James and Jazz Concerto
2. Nat Dixon and Hot Party Juice
3. Emily Baldwin and A Cooley Takeover

Novice Regional Final Section Q1
1. Sam Penn and First Impression IV
2. Gemma Tattersall and Santiago Bay
3. Helen Wilson and Spring Siddhartha

Open Novice Section P
1. Fiona Breach and Creevagh Silver de Haar
2. Rebecca Gibbs and Tally it Up
3. Sophie Jenman and Chase the Artist

Open Novice u18 Section Q
1. Katie Berriman Davies and Zalinero
2. Katie Cabourne and Fatima Blush
3. Ailsa Wates – and Vermute Pera Manca

There was a great selection of trade stands for spectators, a few tack shops including Gorsefield Crafts selling leatherwork, and a large stand for Tiggas Saddlery. The Greyhound Trust were in force with various pooches for rehoming, I think my springer got worried for a very short moment! A couple of local guys selling venison burgers along with fresh venison to take home. Wild Spirits of Kent were there with lots of scrummy booze (sloe gin and vodka, rhubarb vodka and so on) I think that was a big hit! Café Continental were there fuelling everyone with tea, hot dogs and crepes! Spidge provided the photography for the event and I saw lots of photographers dotted around all day.

The organisers have done a cracking job, the ground was phenomenal considering all the dry weather we have had, the stewards were not only helpful but very very friendly and the event itself had a great vibe! I will certainly be putting in another entry for another time, it had something for everyone and the backdrop really made you feel you were somewhere special!

Photographs Courtesy of Lorraine Porter






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