CHERISHED MOMENTS – Jody and her brave little mare …

Next we would now like to introduce Jody and her brave little mare ..

“It’s not a wonderful story by any stretch of the imagination but it is one I will treasure for ever.

This photo was taken after we crossed the Cross Country finish at Chepstow BE90 in May 2017.

The conditions were horrendous and the poor 14.2 mare had mud up to her belly and had braved the conditions to get me home. We had been having a very up and down season in 2016 and had put it down to lack of confidence.

We started 2017 at one BE80 and then had been booked in for the BE90 at Mount Ballan.

Showjumping had become our arch enemy and she had started stopping, which for the brave little mare that she is was unusual but we put it down to my lack of confidence. We managed to complete to get on the cross country and finish the course!

This was the delight captured beautifully by my friend. It had turned out that after one more event we weren’t happy that it was all me.

She has been diagnosed with Kissing Spine and has had SI injections and now we are on the long road to recovery. This picture is even more special for that reason.

We don’t know if we will event again and being a one horse amateur this is daunting. I had never eventer before and neither had she, having bought her as a just backed 4 year old. I feel proud that I taught her to jump and took her to a BE100 with no knowledge or experience.  

So, a pic finishing a BE90 wouldn’t be much to some, but it’s a huge achievement for us”


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