Cavalor launches new, scientifically proven joint supplement

Cavalor ArtiTec is a new scientifically proven, joint supplement containing very high concentrations of active anti-inflammatory ingredients. Its launch this month follows seven years of meticulous research to identify the exact mix of ingredients to deliver a highly effective product formula.

Joint inflammation – also known as synovitis – is one of the main causes of lameness, especially among sport horses, and can lead to osteoarthritis and cartilage loss. Cavalor ArtiTec is clinically proven to significantly reduce joint inflammation in one of the most comprehensive scientific studies on the subject undertaken at Ghent University. A further trial of the product by vets in Belgium showed that it improved lameness in nearly three-quarters of cases.

ArtiTec combines anti-inflammatory agents (Turmeric root and Boswellia Serrata) with joint health nutrients (Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic acid, Blackcurrant extract) and pain relief ingredients (Feverfew and Pineapple) in a very palatable liquid. 

Lieselot Hamerlinck of Cavalor explains the importance of good joint health: “It’s more complicated than this but, a bit like a saddle pad, synovial fluid functions as a shock absorber, cushioning the impact from the horse’s movement. If the synovial fluid is damaged it thins and absorbs fewer shocks and this reduced shock absorption can lead to damaged cartilage and even damaged bone. Not only does a joint supplement for a performance horse need to keep the synovial fluid healthy, it should also reduce the inflammation to ensure the problem doesn’t reoccur.”

ArtiTec joins Cavalor’s other joint supplements – Arti Matrix, for horses needing joint cartilage and synovial support and Arti Base, for use in supporting and maintaining healthy joints. The products can be used in combination for total joint care, according to a horse’s individual need.

Competition horses, or those that have suffered a joint trauma, should be given three 30ml doses sprinkled over a meal followed by a maintenance level of two 30 ml doses. Available from saddlers, equestrian retailers and veterinary practices, ArtiTec costs £138.50.

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