For those looking for a memento of a special horse or to celebrate a special birthday should look at the beautiful photographs, drawings and paintings produced by Devon based artist Doug Muir
(DeMuir Images).

Autumn Dream
Autumn Dream

Doug specialises in equine and canine portraits, with the mission to not only produce a likeness but try to encapsulate the personality of the subject. This is so essential when capturing your favourite event horse and has clearly resonated with those who already commissioned Doug’s expertise.

Doug works mainly in graphite and oils from photographs supplied by the client or taken by Dough himself in the setting of your choice.

Although it has a contemporary and fresh feel Doug’s work is influenced by the Renaissance Masters; in so much that he strives to create an image of beauty and meaning to invoke an emotional and positive response from the viewer.

Doug studied art history and classical studies with the Open University gaining his BA(hons) degree.
This intensive study gave him the skills and confidence to follow a career in fine art, creating beautiful images for an array of clients.


Speaking to Doug it is clear that he invests a great deal of time and personal thought into each of his commissions.

‘I am pleased to offer a new and fresh approach to recreating those special memories brought to us by an all too often short lifespan of that extra family member. The family member that sets challenges and surpasses expectations in their “unconditional love” and “creative personalities”; they create the memories, we as owners and alpha’s are “forever custodians” of these unique relationships’.

Check out more of Doug’s work on his website or Facebook

‘The images I take and paintings I create, know that they are all “experiments in emotion”, evocative snaps of life that help us as viewers, whether owners of the view or not, to grasp a glimpse of what was and from that glimpse a memory appears.’ said Doug.

Your Beautiful Boy
Your Beautiful Boy

His very involved approach and thoughtful process really comes across in his work which can be commissioned in any size or media.

Please contact Doug via his website for further details.

Courtesy of Nikki Goldup

Feature Image –
Eventing Worldwide’s “The Night Traveller”

Eventing Worldwide's "The Night Traveller"
Eventing Worldwide’s “The Night Traveller”

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