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Georgia Dixon reports….

Cirencester in Gloucestershire is the destination in which Calmsden Horse Trials resides. Calmsden has been running its horse trials for many years now and is a popular grassroots competition. Classes run from BE80(T) to BE100. Overall Calmsden (1) saw 8 BE90 sections (including BE90Open) 5 BE100 sections (including BE100Open) and 3 sections of BE80T. That is a grand total of 16 sections running over the two days.

The winner in all 3 BE80T sections ended on a final score that was under 30. Jessie Vanassche and Mystical Baby won Section F on 29.5, Katie Oppenheimer and SOS Sealpoint topped section G after finishing on 25 and in Section H Sarah Pinfield rode Fivale Greasepaint to finish on their dressage score of 29.8.

However, in Section G the top 4 riders all rode their steeds to add nothing to their dressage scores and also all finished with a score that was below 30. 5th placed combination (Nicola Warren and Colliers

30, 7,  2016, Calmsden Park, Calmsden, Gloucestershire, England,PHIL J PHOTOGRAPHY

Majestic Boy) also finished on their dressage score, which was exactly 30.

Only 16 combinations retired or were eliminated out of the 8 BE90 Sections. Ffion Hibbard attained her first win this year with Keymore Charlie in the BE90Open. The combination finished on 25.4 after adding only 0.4 fast time faults to their respectable dressage score of 25. Roxanne Britnell rode Newmiln Jamestown to finish in 2nd place in the BE90Open section after completing on their dressage score of 27.3.

Laura Ridout edged into the lead in BE90 section A after following through to add nothing to the sections best dressage score of 28.8 with Dorset Mill. Louise Scammell finished 0.1 penalties ahead of Michelle Carney for 2nd place. Louise finished on 29.4 with Lucianna Wiser Than Wise whereas Michelle finished in 3rd place with 29.5. Michelle rode Indianna VIII.

Louise Scammell and Michelle Carney switched places in BE90 Section B with Louise coming 2nd behind Michelle who won on 31.3 with Maindiff Zulu Revolver. Phoebe Cashmore had the best dressage score in the section with Nights On Broadway. The combination had a dressage score of 28.3, however 5.6TF Time Faults meant that they got pushed down inot 3rd place.

BE90 Section N saw a narrow win for Jill Holt and Yocasta. The combination won despite going too fast across country for 0.8 time penalties. Their impressive dressage score of 27 meant that they won on 27.8. Sophie Arundel finished up in 2nd place on a score of 28 with Katie Baldwin in 3rd on a score of 29.

Alison Dippenaar finished 4 penalties ahead on Freya Browne in BE90 Section P. Alison and DHI Mojo finished on their dressage score of 26.5. Freya had the same dressage score with Grandens Dream however, 4 faults show jumping lost them the win to finish in 2nd place on 30.5. In Section P there were 3 riders who came joint 7th, all finished on the score of 35. Those 3 riders were; Andrew Winterton, Steve Jelliffe and Victoria Robbins.

BE100 Section M saw Lynda Cockrill and Amoreal finish on their dressage score on 34.8 to go into the lead with Jessica Pidock and Clintonstown Windy following them in 2nd place after adding 6.4 time penalties to their 29.5 dressage score.

Vicky Tuffs posted a 19.8 dressage score with Cola III in BE100 Section J. After only adding 2.4 time penalties they finished up on top of the scoreboard. The next best dressage score came from 2nd placed Hayley Wright and Drombane Dassett. They finished on their dressage score of 26.5.

Another good dressage score came from Jethro Thompson and Splendix in BE100 Section I who won the section after finishing on their dressage score of 17.5. Paul Tapner came second more than 10 penalties behind Jethro. Paul finished 2nd on his dressage score of 27.8 riding Graf Cavalier.

Michael Winter won section K on Shannondale Arlo despite having 4 faults show jumping after attaining a 23.8 dressage score in a section which had an average dressage score of 34.3. BE100Open Section L was won by Lecky Morris and Artemis VI who added no penalties to their dressage score of 27. David Britnell and Master Rowan came 2nd on a score of 31.3.

Photographs courtesy of Phil J Photography

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