Ran in aid of Rainbows East Midlands Children’s Hospital, Buckminster Park shows the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside off to its full potential with two full days of competition run from BE100 to Novice over old parkland.

With three rides in the Five Year Old class sponsored by KBIS, Emilie Chandler proved that three’s a charm by winning with Sally Williams’ and Nicola Dickson’s, Poppys Law. The young mare has so far proved her worth eventing producing consistently low dressage scores and double clears, however this was her first British Eventing Win. Followed closely behind by Sam York and Oakring Dalliance, a 16.3hh mare by Treliver Decanter, the section proved to be particular strong with combinations working towards qualifying for the Young Horse Championships held at Osberton in the Autumn.

Eventing is known as one of the few sports where amateurs get to ride alongside Olympians and such was the case in section A of the BE100 where primary school teacher in training, Alice Rocher, beat locally based Andrew Hoy. Rocher said, “I had a great ride! He (Dassett Supreme) only started eventing in August last year so he’s still learning. We are going to Aston for the Novice in a couple of weeks so it was nice for it all to come together before we upgrade. I am about to start my PGCE to be a primary school teacher but I am so lucky that my sister, Kate of Dassett Eventing, can help me riding when I’m really busy! The event was great and as always we like to thank you everyone who organises it and the volunteers!”

Beth O’Driscoll had a particularly outstanding weekend with Freelance III winning section B of the BE100. Not to be content with just that, O’Driscoll then produced the best dressage score of the event in Section C with a 19.3 on eleven year old Rolo II. One unlucky pole rolled her back to second place behind Harry Horgan and Dassett Real Prospect. Horgan said, “We had a really good day at Buckminster. It was a nice, educational run for the horses. Dassett Real Prospect is owned by Kate Rocher-Smith of Dassett Eventing and was bought for me to produce. It was his fourth run since his arrival earlier this year and he’s taken to it well. We both have high hopes for him! He will now move up to Novice and all going well plan to do an Autumn 1* possibly. I am so fortunate to have wonderful people and owners supporting me and my ambition is to make it as a professional.”

Section M of the BE100 saw the top eight all complete with double clears with not a hairs breath in-between each placing. Claire Pytches and Jigilo Junior maintained their strong 22 dressage score lead to hold onto the top title where just three point saw a difference between first and sixth. Pytches said, “Jigilo Junior is a 15.1hh seven year old homebred out of my old FEI event pony, Supreme Poppet by Jigilo. My sister started him as a four year old and I took him on as a five year old and have done all of his competitive events building up slowly using hunting and unaffiliated events before starting his BE career. He won the 80cm at Eland Unaffiliated last summer, the 90cm Unaffiliated in the Spring this year but this is his first BE win at 100 and my first BE win for ten years! Buckminster is always really well run and is my local event, which is always nice to win at. I was pleased to have the lead from the dressage and to jump a double clear when the show jumping was causing so much trouble…It’s nice to have all the hard work pay off! I work part time as a trainee Architectural Technologist and ride the rest of the time keeping the horses at my Mum’s. It’s thanks to her that I am able to compete as she helps out around competing her own and comes along to groom for me and give me a kick…I’m a bit laid back so don’t always have the kick on to be competitive and it let me down the week before at Purston when I didn’t ride strongly enough into the water – he should have won there too!” 

After coming third at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Grassroots Championship in the BE90 earlier this year Heidi Coy and Riversdale Magic Heart have more than proven their worth at BE100 level winning both the follow up events from Badminton. With a strong 27 dressage Coy lead the way from the dressage with Cariad Miles-Taylor and her two rides, Gellirhiw Lucky Lady Colleen and Little Bud II breathing closely behind. Coy proved her worth with an outstanding double clear around a course that troubled many other experienced combinations to win the BE100 Under 18 Section N. Coy said, “Meg is a nine year old connie cross thoroughbred. We started eventing in September 2013 and have been addicted ever since! She has been in the top three placings seventeen times out of twenty-one events over the past few seasons! At Buckminster I was second to go in the dressage and she went in and did a lovely test to gain 27 to lead the dressage. The show jumping was causing so many poles to fall down and I thought it was up to height for Meg as she is only 14hh! Meg went in very keen and jumped one of her best rounds yet. Onto cross country, she set off well and flew around making it feel very easy. It was one of my best rides on her yet being so confident and I enjoyed every bit of it around the lovely course at Buckminster. It was so nice to win as it was one of our local events and Meg also won the BE100 Under 18’s section last year there as well.”

Willa Newton pulled out two strong performances in the Novice with her rides, Lauries Laudatio and Rapide GII taking a win and third respectively. Newton said, “I love Buckminster as it is literally in our next door village so it was great to have a win on home turf. Several of Lauries Laudatio’s syndicate members were also there so it was great that he went so well. I was also very pleased with Rapide GII as he has been one that’s really taken time and I really feel now everything is falling into place. The course was great to ride – a proper old fashioned track and the ground was super. Guy and Phillip Herbert had done a brilliant job!”

Elizabeth Abell took a storming win in the Open Novice section K with Glimavragh being the only combination to finish on their dressage score. Their third win at Novice level this season saw Abell delighted commenting, “I thought the event was great, it was so well organised and had a lovely atmosphere. The best bit was that they were very quick with the scores and the prize giving so it didn’t feel like we had to wait around for hours which is good when you have two year old twins to get home to! My horse, Gator (Glimavragh), went really well for me and I was pleased with my dressage in the heavy drizzling rain. The show jumping track was quite testing and up to height and caused a few problems. Luckily I didn’t have too much time to over analyse it and Gator jumped super for me. After I rode badly at our last event due to nerves and self-pressure getting to me I was really pleased with a clear round. The cross country course walked quite straight forward and the going on the old turn was actually really good. I kicked on and Gator was great. She’s very easy to collect and steer so I don’t usually waste any time and we flew easily around thirteen seconds inside the time. Only four in my section were inside the time and I was the only combo to do double clear inside the time. Having been tenth after dressage I was thrilled to win! I love it when it’s about three phases. It was our first Open Novice and I didn’t think we’d stand a chance so to win was just amazing. I am so lucky to have such a lovely horse and supportive family to enable me to compete in the addictive sport” 

After a disappointing run at Eland Lodge, Annie Frankham and Castle Howard Cicero came back with a bang to win the Open Novice Under 18 in section J. Frankham, who is having a fantastic season with three top three placings out of five events guided the thirteen year old gelding by Ricardo Z around Mr Guy Herbert’s much appraised cross country course with ease. Lizzie Baugh and Quarry Man produced a fantastic 23.5 dressage score but just slipped behind Frankham on cross country time faults to take second place.

Five Year Old Sponsored by KBIS Section E

1st Emilie Chandler & Poppys Law 28.5 D, Double Clear

2nd Sam York & Oakring Dalliance 29.3 D, Double Clear

3rd Matt Hecking & STX First Class Mail 30.5 D, Double Clear

BE100 Section A 

1st Heidi Woodhead & DHI Wiz Kid 28.8 D, Double Clear

2nd Alice Rocher & Dassett Supreme 28.8 D, Double Clear

3rd Andrew Hoy & Basmati 31.3 D, Double Clear

BE100 Section B

1st Beth O’Driscoll & Freelance III 26.8 D, Double Clear

2nd Laura Hayward & Stanhopes Travelling Man 28.8 D, 1 TF XCT

3rd Emma Richardson & Cookie Rich 30 D, Double Clear

BE100 Section C 

1st Harry Horgan & Dassett Real Prospect 20 D, 1 SJT

2nd Beth O’Driscoll & Rolo II 19.3 D, 4 SJ

3rd Peter Mellor & Waithside De Rebus 23.8 D, Double Clear

BE100 Section L 

1st Nicola Baguley & Glencarrig Dolphin 23.5 D, Double Clear

2nd James Sommerville & Altaskin Jack 24.5 D, Double Clear

3rd Shari Dobson & Millhouse Montaire 26.5 D, Double Clear

BE100 Section M

1st Claire Pytches & Jigilo Junior 22 D, Double Clear

2nd Rachel Hanlon & Bounce Once 23 D, Double Clear

3rd James Sommerville & Erox 23.8 D, Double Clear

BE100 Open Section D 

1st Milly Herbert & Airtime 23.8 D, Double Clear

2nd James Rushbrooke & Maranti 27 D, Double Clear

3rd Harriette Howard & Starholme Amberleigh 29.3 D, Double Clear

BE100 Under 18 Section N

1st Heidi Coy & Riversdale Magic Heart 27 D, Double Clear

2nd Cariad Miles-Taylor & Gellirhiw Lucky Lady Colleen 28.5 D, Double Clear

3rd Cariad Miles-Taylor & Little Bud II 29 D, Double Clear

Novice Section F 

1st Willa Newton & Lauries Laudatio 2 27.3 D, Double Clear

2nd Gaby Cooke & Cumlaude 29.5 D, 3.6 XCT

3rd Paul Burgess & Carraigh Cooley 34 D, 1.2 XCT

Novice Section G 

1st Rosalind Canter & Cool Jack 24.8 D, 4 XCT

2nd Matthew Wright & Porscher 31 D, Double Clear

3rd Willa Newton & Rapide GII 32 D, Double Clear

Novice Section H

1st Richard Jones & Kilballyboy Bob 32.8 D, Double Clear

2nd Amy Cooper & McAllister 34.5 D, 4 SJ, 0.8 XCT

3rd Julia Dungworthy & Fernhill Galaxy 38 D, 4.4 XCT

Novice Section I

1st John-Paul Sheffield & Postmaster II 28 D, 3.6 XCT

2nd Richard Jones & River Law 32 D, Double Clear

3rd Richard Jones & Bonecastle Cavalier 34.3 D, Double Clear

Open Novice Section K

1st Elizabeth Abell & Glimavragh 30.3 D, Double Clear

2nd Olivia Leyland & Krakatau 28.5 D, 3.2 XCT

3rd Yasmin Ingham & Fernhill Urco 27.5 D, 4.4 XCT

Open Novice Under 18 Section J 

1st Annie Frankham & Castle Howard Cicero 28 D, 0.4 XCT

2nd Lizzie Baugh & Quarry Man 23.5 D, 5.2 XCT

3rd Greta Mason & Ballyard Caitriona 28.8 D, Double Clear

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