Memberships and Horse Season Tickets

Thank you to all our members that have sent us messages of support in the recent days. We are also aware of, and have received several messages regarding, the suggestion that we should be processing refunds for memberships and horse season tickets, which we do understand. However, we are uncertain as to when we will be able to resume the sport at this time, alongside the financial implications the loss of sport has on running the business, we are not currently in a position to refund memberships and season tickets. We are exploring options which include extending membership periods next year but this will not be finalised until we know how long the sport will be suspended.

Refunds on Entries

We are continuing to work with our brokers and insurers with regards to those refunds being claimed under the abandonment policy. We apologise that these refunds are taking longer than normal for us to process; this delay has resulted from the high volume of claims currently being experienced by our insurers. Please be assured we are corresponding regularly with them to get these agreed and settled.

Refunds on Stabling

As per rule 4.12, refunds relating to stabling and other event extras is at the discretion of the organisers. These charges are not covered by the abandonment policy that insures the event fee. Organisers are independently responsible for their events and as such will have varying financial commitments and insurance policies to cover them when their events are cancelled. If you have queries in relation to your refunds on these additional services, please correspond directly with the organising team.

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