British Eventing clamps down on unacceptable behaviour; reminder about BE Code of Conduct.

British Eventing is currently investigating incidents where members are behaving in an unacceptable manner.

Jude Matthews, British Eventing Interim CEO, commented: “Unfortunately we are becoming increasingly aware of a number of incidents where members are behaving in an unacceptable way towards organisers, officials, volunteers, staff or other members. We are currently investigating two such incidents which have been formally reported to me by those concerned.I would like to take this opportunity to remind all members of the need to behave appropriately, both on event and afterwards on social media.”

Eventing Worldwide takes a look at the rule by which members of British Members, and their connections, must abide.

Chapter 1: Affiliated Eventing

1.7 Members of British Eventing and those connected with them are required to abide by this Code of Conduct as regards to both the welfare of Horses and their own conduct.

1.10 Members must familiarise themselves with the requirements and obligations imposed by these BE rules which are binding on them. They should also bring these Rules to the attention of any non-members who may be participating in the sport with them, such as connections or event helpers, and do their best to ensure compliance as appropriate. Members are responsible for the actions of any non-members employed or otherwise assisting or acting on their behalf and any act omission of such person which would amount to a breach of the Rules by a Member shall constitute a breach by the Member on whose behalf it was committed.

1.12 Officials are required to take decisions in a fair and sporting manner and in accordance with the Code of Conduct and these Rules. Members are expected to respond and behave in the same way.

1.13 Failure to comply with the Rules, and the underlying Code of Conduct, may five rise to disciplinary action. The Rules relating to the disciplinary process are set out in Chapter 3.

Chapter 5: The Competition: General Guidance and Rules of Participation

5.3 Officials, many of whom are volunteers, are appointed to help the Event Organiser provide sport for the Competitors. Competitors must cooperate with them and comply with any reasonable order or direction given by an Official. Incivility or rudeness to an Official is a breach of the Rules and the Code of Conduct.
5.4 Reputation of the Sport. Members must not act in a manner which is prejudicial to the integrity, proper conduct or good reputation of BE events or BE itself. Members should have this in mind at all times, including when using social media (see Rule 11.8).

11.8 Social Media

11.8.1 BE recognises that the internet provides unique opportunities to participate in interactive discussions and to share information using a wide variety of social media. However, Members’ use of social media can pose risks to BE’s reputation and its confidential and proprietary information. It can also jeopardise its compliance with legal obligations.

11.8.2 Therefore, in the interests of the sport, when using the internet and all social media Members must not:

Post any threatening, derogatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, disparaging, racist, discriminatory, menacing, inflammatory, blasphemous, or defamatory statements or material, including, but not limited to, statements or material concerning BE, its members or former members, its sponsors, affiliates and stakeholders;
Make any statements that could directly or indirectly damage BE’s name;
Use BE logos, brand names, slogans or other trademarks, or post any of its
confidential or proprietary information without BE’s prior written permission.

11.8.3 Moreover, if Members disclose or use in any way their BE membership when using social media, they must make it clear that they are speaking on their own behalf and that their views do not represent those of British Eventing.

11.8.4 Failure by Members to comply with the provisions of this Rule may result in disciplinary sanctions under these Rules and/or civil proceedings. BE may also require Members to remove postings, comments or any other submissions which may constitute a breach of this Rule.

11.8.5 BE reserves the right to monitor, intercept and review social media postings and activities to ensure that its Rules are being complied with, and for its legitimate business purposes.

11.8.6 BE will comply with any law, or request by any governmental or other regulatory authority, or order by a court or other authority of competent jurisdiction, requiring BE to disclose the identity or location of any Member posting any material in breach of this Rule. BE may share a Member’s personal information with the police or any other governmental authority if it is asked to do so in connection with the investigation of suspected illegal activities.

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