British Breeding has announced its plans for its 2019 British Breeding Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity evaluations.

This highly regarded series for foals and young stock aims to identify talented horses that will go on to compete successfully in the future. With many Futurity graduates already competing at top level Eventing, the series offers the ideal opportunity for breeders to showcase their potential stars.

The 2019 British Breeding Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity sees several developments designed to build on their world-leading evaluation system, delivering an independent and objective detailed assessment of performance potential and opening opportunities for British bred foals and youngsters from all studbooks.

In preparation for the relaunch of the Equine Bridge, British Breeding’s young stock development programme organised in cooperation with the Olympic Disciplines and designed to put more British riders on British horses, separate Futurity evaluation days have been dedicated to three to five-year olds.

Organiser and director of British Breeding Dr Eva-Maria Broomer, explains, “The age range has been opened up to allow older horses the opportunity to qualify for the Bridge. Having these on separate days will allow us to use a tailor made and optimised assessment structure for that age group, designed to give the very best feedback and support at that crucial age. Our focus will then turn to the younger foals, yearlings and two-year olds that will be assessed on the other dates.”

A new grading system has also been announced, replacing the old third, second and first premiums with Bronze, Silver and Gold. This reflects the Futurity’s recognition of the quality of a wide range of riding horses and ponies.

The Futurity season will be rounded off with a special celebration and Futurity Gala, showcasing the very best of British Breeding and offering interested buyers the opportunity to find an excellent range of special youngsters in one place.

British Breeding’s Futurity Evaluations have developed several unique benefits to breeders. Each entry undergoes a thorough veterinary assessment of soundness and conformation and receives expert nutritional advice. A detailed evaluation from a panel of renowned international industry experts gives a comprehensive linear profile and detailed feedback for each horse or pony, recorded in a state-of-the-art database for future reference. Professional videography and photography ensure that every entrant has a comprehensive record of their day. Qualification for the newly re-launched Equine Bridge, in cooperation with the Olympic Disciplines offers further opportunities for development and working closer with the sport.

The 2019 Futurity dates range from late July to end of August, giving later foals time to mature and allowing breeders a choice to present their young stock at venues across the country. The Futurity is open to foals, yearlings, two, three, four and five-year-olds in the disciplines of Dressage, Endurance, Eventing and Show Jumping. All venues offer a safe, indoor environment that breeders have come to expect at Futurity evaluations.

This year, the series will take place across eleven locations:

29thJuly – Richmond Equestrian Centre, North Yorkshire – 3-5-year olds
30thJuly – Richmond Equestrian Centre, North Yorkshire – foals – 2-year olds
31stJuly – Vale View, Melton Mowbray – Foals – 2-year olds
1stAugust – Writtle College, Essex – Foals – 2-year olds
2ndAugust – Bilsington Priory, Kent – Foals – 2-year olds
26thAugust – The Grange, Okehampton – Foals – 2-year olds
27thAugust – Catherston, Stockbridge – Foals – 2-year olds
28thAugust – Catherston, Stockbridge – 3-5-year olds
29thAugust – Addington Manor, Buckingham– Foals – 2-year olds
30thAugust – Swallowfield, Solihull – Foals – 2-year olds
31stAugust – Newton Rigg, Penrith – Foals – 2-year olds
1stSeptember – Drumcarrow, St Andrews – Foals – 2-year olds
21stSeptember – Solihull Riding Club – 3-5-year olds
22ndSeptember – Solihull Riding Club – Futurity Gala and Mare & Youngstock Show

Photo credit; Kevin Sparrow

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