Amanda Rushby reports

Bovington held its second one day event on Saturday 3rd October for 2015. The event which is held at the Armour Centre in Allenby Barracks, Dorset, saw the lower levels catered for with BE80, 90 and 100 classes run.

Section F of the BE80 (T) sponsored by Airowear saw success for Hayley Singleton who was only on their second run at BE. Singleton said, “I have had Woodlands Unbelievable since he was three. We have been concentrating on British Dressage and he had qualified for the Novice Petplan Championship in 2016 and Novice and Elementary Winter Regionals 2015. Bovington was our second BE together and I was thrilled with him in all three phases. He showed to be extremely genuine and really concentrated on his job. I am planning to event him next year to keep his work varied.”

Section D of the BE90 was particularly competitive with dressage scores well in their twenties for the top two. Jo Roberts riding AMS Last Bid and Chloe Chamulewicz ridin Filo Tulabeg battled it out for the win with each rider gaining 24.8 and 29.8 in their dressage respectively. Despite Roberts gaining 1 show jumping time fault her double clear on the 17hh 9 year old gelding by Boticceli meant that they were clear winners.

Next was the BE100 where riders were quickly accumulating clean sheets in their show jumping and cross country meaning double clears within the time were imperative for a placing. Joanna Murphy and Woodlands United showed they had what it takes by scoring a 33.8 double clear in section B. Murphy commented, “I was really pleased with Woodlands United (Herbie) because he felt relaxed in the dressage which has been my season goal and confident in the show jumping where sometimes his height is against him for the distances. He was fantastic around the cross country, really straight and genuine especially as I got him a bit close to the brush at five, he really helped me out and felt like he loved it. I’m twenty-five and a level 2 UKCC Riding Coach, I teach Pony Club and also work on a flat race yard doing the yard jobs. I’ve got an Intermediate horse who had this season off and I’ve got a couple of ex flat race horses I’ve just stated reschooling. Herbie is eight and 15.1hh and I’ve had him from three. He was bought t osell but needed time and has turned into the most genuine lovely boy. He will try anything, likes hunting, hacking, etc. I’m really chuffed with how he’s done this season, he’s been pretty consistent and only had one event with poles down. His dressage is really improving and I think another winter will polish it further. I have a winter of dressage, hunting and show jumping planned as well as a trip to the beach! Future plans are more 100’s next season and I’m really tempted to aim for a Novice. I absolutely adore him!”

The weekend saw huge success for Alex Palmer in Section C of the BE100 with the rider taking second and third on Jamiriqui II and OUGE Caviar. The young rider said, Alexa Palmer, “Jamiraqui II who was second place is my younger sister’s pony who is 14.2hh. I got the ride on him due to her school commitments taking priority. I was very excited to have the chance to ride him as he is a very special pony. I will now finish the season on him but he will be put up for sale due to my sister’s lack of time, he’s good enough to Pony Trial. My other ride, OUGE Caviar is one of my trio of young horses that I am producing at the moment. My other two have no eventing experience so will make their debuts next year. This year has been about consolidating the ground works with him, he’s had great success BD and BS. Next year I am sure he will progress up to Intermediate/CCI*. None of this would be possible without my Mum who helps me exercise up to nine horses daily around my last year of school with no extra help.”

The BE100 Open saw Alice Montgomery finish her season well with Ececheira. In an Open section with just fourteen entries and nine completions Montogmery’s 25.8 double clear saw her become the clean winner by nearly four full marks. Montgomery commented, “Ececheira is a lovely six year old I think a lot of. I’ve had a particularly challenging year and she hasn’t had a start for around four months. She’s such a pleasure to ride and I’m excited to see what next year brings for her.”

BE80 (T) Sponsored by Airowear

Section F

1st Hayley Singleton & Woodlands Unbelievable 20.3 D, Double Clear

2nd Tiffany Tasney & That LL Do 24.3 D, Double Clear

3rd Bailey Andrews & Ormolu Gilt Mount 31 D, Double Clear

Section G

1st Kate Hulbert & Cluid Lad 25 D Double Clear

2nd Barbara Tollett & Bredonhill Tres Bien 26, Double Clear

3rd Issy Colwell & Ardboe Alfie 26.3 D, Double Clear


Section D

1st Jo Roberts & AMS Last Bid 24.8 D, 1 SJT

2nd Chloe Chamulewicz & Filo Tulabeg 29.8 D, Double Clear

3rd Sarah Gormley & Golden Jubilee Splash 30.5 D, Double Clear

Section E 

1st Rebecca Brunt & Bourne On The Up 26.8 D, 4 SJ

2nd Megan Buston & Carnaval Chance 29 D, 4 SJ

3rd Harriet Gilberston & Tullibards Whos Nightcruise 34 D, Double Clear


Section B

1st Joanna Murphy & Woodlands United 33.8 D, Double Clear

2nd Sophie Ashton-Rickardt & Dijon 34.3 D, Double Clear

3rd Jade Lazenby & Elrite 34.8 D, Double Clear

Section C 

1st Chantal Thackray & Streamways Mexicana 30.8 D, Double Clear

2nd Alexa Palmer & Jamiraqui II 31.3 D, Double Clear

3rd Alexa Palmer & OUGE Caviar 29.8 D, 2 SJT

BE100 Open Section A

1st Alice Montogomery & Ececheira 25.8 D, Double Clear

2nd Georgina Loveday & Phils Spirit 29.5 D, Double Clear

3rd Izobel Loveday & Russian Roulette II 28.8 D, 2.8 XCT

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