Become the Coach You Want to Be with Ride Smart


Become the Coach You Want to Be with Ride Smart

RideSmart ​is the newly branded ‘Fit to Ride’, the brainchild of Coach Jon Pitts. During September and October 2015 they will be running a series of one day Coach Training Programme – Foundation Level courses.

RideSmart’s entry level course is open to all, and provides an introduction to the philosophy behind their programmes. Participants gain an understanding of Ride Smart’s unique scientific approach to horse and rider interaction and the basic skills to understand and provide feedback to pupils. As a basis for coaching equestrians, the foundation course provides a valuable insight into methods based on elite research and development combined with neuroscience and biomechanics, and explains many traditional theories, leaving attendees with a fresh understanding and approach.

The Foundation level then leads onto Accredited Coach and Masters level courses. The RideSmart Accreditation is a flexible programme of learning working towards being recognised as one of Ride Smart coaches. Accreditation requires the completion of four cohorts based on RideSmart’s key components: RideSafe, RideConfident, RidePro and CoachSmart.

Why is RideSmart so important – Maria Wynne’s view

Last week my son and I trotted off to Wolverhampton to meet up with Jon Pitts of  Now this is GENIUS and looks at riding in a whole different way.  One that makes sense and enables us to understand what we are doing, how we do it, and why we do it, both physically, mentally and emotionally.  I first met Jon eight years ago at Polly Stockton’s when she was balancing on a large blue ball, and I looked as though I had eaten one.  (Expecting Tdor, not a McDonalds overload).  As I watched and listened I could only wish that Jon Pitts had been around when I was riding, the entire path of my future would have been different because I would have understood what to do and how to do it, and 100% confidence and ability would have been maintained.  Having spent the day watching and photographing at Cholmondeley Castle I would say that 90% of the competitors needed to work on their balance and core strength in order to ride effectively.  The horses would certainly appreciate it, and surely the real reason we all ride is because we love horses.  Why not work on ourselves in order to make them happy and to make it easy for them to do what we ask?  Seems fairly basic to me.  It is not all about Swarovski crystals and patent leather.

Dates and Locations

20 September Wickstead Equestrian –

26 September Nottingham Trent University (Brackenhurst) –

27 September College of West Anglia (Milton) –

17 October Bishop Burton College –


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