BADMINTON BUILD UP .. 5 Minutes with Harry Somerset…

The Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials have a new host in the recently acceded 12th Duke of Beaufort, Harry Somerset. Harry has always taken an active role in the Event and knows many of the team. He speaks about what it means to him and his family.

On growing up with the event

“My father used to compete in the competition in the 1950s so I’ve been coming to since I was six years old and vaguely understanding what the competition was all about. So it’s always been a very exciting part of the year. When we were younger we used to climb under the stands because there weren’t so many people in those days. It only became really enormous in the 1970s.”

On breathing life into the estate…..

“Badminton is the second largest attended sporting event in England. It is extraordinary when it is full of people. You see the event coming out of the ground like bulbs in January and slowly more and more stuff comes up. “

On the growth of the event 

“Given when Badminton started it was because we did so badly in the Olympic Games. It was a very modest thing when it started and its grown into what it is now. I’m keen that it continues to grow and is enjoyed by so many people.”

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