Aucklander Dannie Lodder and Tomahawk II lead the field after the conclusion of the CCI3* dressage the Puhinui International Horse Trials, despite initially being a bit disappointed with the test.

“That was hard work” she exclaimed coming out of the arena. “He didn’t really pick up for the occasion. He is a great horse, and I really love him. He is probably the nicest horse I have ever had. He just got in there and was flat.”


The test was good enough however to give her a 2.8 penalty leading going into the cross country phase tomorrow. Samantha Felton and Ricker Ridge Escada lie in second place with Virginia Thompson in third on Star Nouveau.

There was some controversy in the class when Emily Cammock was pulled up by the judges and eliminated due to her horse showing signs of lameness.

The riders in the CCI3* were all unaminous in their description of the Tich Massey designed cross country course. “Big, bold and challenging” was the general description. Virginia Thompson declared that she would have to “take her nana pants off” tomorrow, to get around the impressive jumps within the time required.

Of the cross country course, leader Dannie commented: “I have been lucky enough to gallop around here a few times. I think there are a couple of questions near the end which could catch a tired horse. It needs to be ridden in an attacking way, which I like.”

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