The AriatTek Tri Factor

13874764_324232781298561_733304044_nRika Nile tries out this fab new top from the The AriatTek Series.

The AriatTek Series combines comfort, quality and advanced technologies to bring riders the ultimate riding wear, whether in or out of the saddle. The AriatTek Tri Factor ¼ Zip top is part of the ‘Heat Series’ which uses the likes of ICEFIL® technology, an innovative way to convert sweat to refrigerant to keep the body cool, and sun protective fabrics. The recent warm, sunny weather, and even the humid and muggy days, has made for the perfect time to put this part of the AriatTek Heat series to the test.

I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical about whether it would actually live up to all the technology behind it, but I immediately thought it was a really smart top that would be well used either way. Ariat have clearly used their stylish yet practical approach for this top, which features grey colour block detailing along with contrast stitching that looks great against the bright blue colour.

I was impressed to find that it definitely seemed to help keep me cool when wearing it throughout the day, doing both yard chores and riding. The ventilation the breathable fabric supplied, along with the fast dry element, wicked away any moisture and aided the cooling effect it had. The long-sleeves also meant I was able to wear it through the cooler temperatures during the morning and at the latter end of the day, as well as throughout the hottest parts of the day and when riding without having to change at all.

Although when schooling it did keep me cool, I would say hacking was where it was at its best. I was able to stay cool and protected from UV rays at the same time, which is something not always considered when sauntering along for an hour or so in the sun.

The added bonus of the Tri Factor ¼ Zip top is being able to wear comfortably wear a long-sleeved top in hot weather without boiling, meaning that the funky tan lines (that anyone with a horse will know about!) are avoided and you go into winter all one skin tone!

The AriatTek Tri Factor ¼ Zip top is the ideal top for summer at the yard, keeping you cool and stylish even in humid and warm conditions. It is available in Miami Aqua, Strawberry Pink or White, in sizes XS-XL.

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