ArcEquine – what is it and how does it work?

What is it?

The ArcEquine is the smallest, wide spectrum Microcurrent Therapy device in the world!! It is a drug-free therapy primarily used for pain management and tissue repair and can therefore help recovery from a wide range of equine injuries and conditions. The ArcEquine is a completely portable and non-invasive device that requires no specialist knowledge to operate, meaning you can use it in the comfort of your own yard. 

How does it work?

The body has a complex electrical system associated with its normal function. This internal electricity is small – very small in fact – but it is essential for regulating a wide range of things from growth and development through to recovery after injury. There are several sources of electricity in the body, but the most important ones are called Tissue Batteries. In some people, and we do not understand all the reasons why, these batteries appear to ‘go flat’. They either fail to generate the electrical signals or fail to generate a strong enough signal. We know that things like increasing age will have a flattening effect on these batteries, as well as some diseases such as diabetes.

If you have a fully charged battery and you get an injury, you will recover in the normal way. If your battery (for whatever reason) is flatter than would be ideal and you get the same injury, your recovery will be slower. The idea of Microcurrent Therapy is that it delivers very small electric currents to the tissue which ‘mimic’ the naturally occurring currents that, for whatever reason, are missing or at a lower level than would be ideal. This allows the body to heal at a time when it is otherwise compromised. Thankfully, there is no need to make a hole in the skin to get these small currents into the body – simple electrodes on the surface of the skin are all that are needed. 

A microcurrent machine delivers a very small electric current that is less than 1 thousandth of an Amp, and therefore almost certainly too small for you to feel. If you have ever tried TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) you will know that it is a much stronger current with more electricity flowing through the tissues. It NEEDS to be a bigger current to do its job (pain relief), as it achieves this by stimulating the nerves and getting them to fire. You get to feel the pins and needles, which are your nerves firing, and then you get the pain relief. Microcurrent Therapy is not working by getting the nerves to fire and so we do not need such a big current. Microcurrent Therapy can be thought of as a way of charging up these natural batteries or getting them to work more normally – more like a slow overnight trickle charge to your car battery rather than a jump start from a breakdown truck. 

In summary, a microcurrent device provides a very small electric current that it sends into the body through the skin. This is a way of supporting the body’s natural electric currents to enable recovery from injury, damage, and some other medical problems. The chances are that you would not be able to feel it, the amount of electricity being sent into the body is too small, but the body knows it is there and will respond.


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