ArcEquine and Eventing

With the Eventing season now well underway, we are starting to speak to more people about related injuries. Common injuries in event horses range from bumps and bruises to torn tendons and damaged joints, with less frequent but no less serious problems including fractures and trauma to the structures of the hoof. Due to the very varied musculoskeletal requirements of eventing, there is also the potential for damage to the limb ligaments, degenerative changes to the structure of the skeleton and tears to muscle groups almost anywhere in the horse’s body.

Managing both the health and wellbeing of the successful event horse is complex, usually involving veterinarians and allied therapists, nutritionists, saddle fitters, farriers and a skilled day-to-day management regime that is focused on each individual horse’s requirements.

For many leading event riders, ArcEquine is now an indispensable element of their management. The uniquely effective microcurrent technology delivers not only accelerated healing, but is known to reduce pain and inflammation, rapidly eliminate lactic acid from muscles after training and competition and importantly, to manage the micro-tears that occur almost daily, preventing niggles from developing into injuries.

Olympic event rider Andrew Hoy confirms; “If you are standing still – you are moving backwards. I have been competing at international level for 39 years and continually strive to improve not only the horses’ training, but all daily measurements around the management of my horses. They are top athletes and it is imperative to me that no stone is left unturned to support their health and wellbeing. Since experiencing positive results during a trial period, all of the horses in my care receive treatments with ArcEquine – whether it is in a period of recovery after hard work, coming back from an injury or just to maintain their wellbeing. I believe in the product and am proud to stand for it as an Ambassador.”

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