Arc4Health  – Clare Chamberlayne 

When I broke my leg in mid May I was fortunate enough through the fabulous connections of Eventing Worldwide to be offered a human Arc4Health to use. I have heard about ArcEquine for horses, and I was aware that my long term mentor Lucinda Fredericks was a big fan of the product, as are many other people whose opinions I would respect. So I was very grateful to be able to use one on myself.

I am pleased to say that I am delighted with the Arc4Health. It is easy and comfortable to use, and causes absolutely no pain or discomfort, I am healing well and ahead of schedule so I am very grateful not to mention happy! 

The Arc4Health uses non invasive micro current technology to boost the body’s production of ATP and therefore stimulate the natural cell repair process, by increasing ATP production by up to 500%. That’s the science bit; now for the reality, as to be honest I am interested in anything that was going to enable me to heal better, and faster! What is it, and what does using it involve? 

I have injured my left leg and so I when I use my Arc4Health I wear it around my right ankle. It has two sticky squares that go on either side of the ankle and then the strap clips in to these, very easily and stays there. I ensure that the two squares sit directly opposite each other either side of my leg. It has a battery power pack that has a slot to slide into on the strap. It is easy to charge and I have been really impressed with how easily the battery pack holds its charge. I thought would have to charge it up after use each time, but actually it normally goes about three / four uses before you have to charge it up. 

The battery pack determines the settings and programmes that you would like to use and again this is very straight forward. I am not the most technologically minded but with two buttons it is difficult to go wrong. You need to wear it for up to three hours at a time. It’s a set programme though so you can just put it on and forget about it. However you do need to be relatively still during those three hours whilst it’s on, so for the sake of practicality I normally put it on when I go to bed and just take it off in the morning. It is comfortable enough to sleep in. 


I have by no means finished healing at this point, but I have been given extremely positive feedback on how well things are progressing. This feedback has come from both the highly respected surgeons at Southmead Hospital who have done regular checks and X-rays, and also the outstanding physiotherapists at Oaksey House. In both cases they have been delighted with the progress of my healing and already how speedily I have been able to start proper physiotherapy and moving it around. I have been able to dispense with my crutches weeks ahead of schedule. The Arc team, especially Tash Thirkell have been extremely helpful and supportive and have been on hand for any questions, and I recommend them extremely highly. So I am most grateful for this little small, quiet, non invasive pain free gem that has appeared.  


Since being so happy with it I am delighted to say that I have recommended it to a foreign client, I don’t do this lightly as I am extremely careful about my reputation especially overseas. In this case I recommended it to a Japanese client who is a Grand Prix show jumping rider and when he was over here in the UK last month he bought a human and an equine version and took them back to Japan. He reports that he has been thrilled with both these products, finding them comfortable and easy to use. So it is not just me who is pleased!

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