ARC – Boosting Recovery and Maintaining Peak Performance

Eventing can be physically and mentally demanding, for both horse and rider.

Horses, just like humans, go through life accumulating an assortment of injuries, large and small, all the while experiencing the natural decline of certain bodily functions that come with aging, including a decrease in fitness.

Give your horse the best chance of recovery with Microcurrent Therapy.

The ArcEquine provides a wearable, drug-free and non-invasive therapy for many equine injuries. By utilising wide-spectrum microcurrents, the ArcEquine kickstarts the body’s own repair processes.

This facilitates reduction in inflammation, effective pain management, the maintenance of healthy joints and a significant reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

There is a reason why 70 Olympians, 6 National Teams and 10 world champions use the ArcEquine.

See how the ArcEquine fits into Zimbabwean Olympic Eventer, Milly Kruger’s routine.


Camilla Kruger, the ArcEquine and Eventing.

Olympic Eventer, Camilla Kruger Eventing Zimbabwe talks about her success with the ArcEquine. #microcurrenttherapy #equineperformance #maintenance #sarcoids #SamTheMan #eventing

Posted by ArcEquine on Friday, 26 April 2019


Trusted by Vets
The ArcEquine is paving the future of equine welfare. Time and time again, the results produced by the ArcEquine have surpassed expectations of vets and industry experts – they can’t believe how quickly the horses recover.


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