When it comes to horse bedding, everyone has their own preference, but sometimes it pays to think outside the ‘box’.

bagnewAquamax will be back at Badminton this year after a three year gap, meeting and greeting new and existing customers and celebrating 15 years of their original crumble bedding. If you are not familiar with Aquamax then you should add them to your ‘must visit’ list in The World of the Horse.

Aquamax is a quality bedding product as many horse owners have discovered and different in many ways to the vast number of look-a-like ‘wood pellets’ available. It doesn’t slip and slide like many wood pellet materials, for example.



But what are the other main benefits of Aquamax crumbled bedding?

Aquamax naturally removes the smell of ammonia without the need for nasty chemicals and deodorisers, a bonus in any yard but especially in the summer when stables can become airless. The bedding is also totally biodegradable breaking down into a wonderful compost within a matter of months, thus making a long term muck heap easier to manage and very popular with owners of allotments! If you use a trailer as a muck heap the quantity of waste is far less than shavings and straw so saving you money by emptying the trailer less frequently. Aquamax is conveniently packaged in 15.91Kg bags, which are easy to lift and empty into the stable and taking up very little storage space (up to 75% less space than conventional shavings).hands1

Aquamax customers have found they use on average no more than one bag a week, sometimes even less. So, great value for money for a quality and clean looking bed. Another bonus is that horses stay cleaner in their stables, because of the crumble’s faster absorption rate saving time washing and grooming. A great relief for those who own light coloured horses and ponies! Of course people have tried ‘cheaper alternatives’ but invariably found them to be of a poor quality and consequently not good value for money.

Aquamax is ideal in trailers or lorries and also in field shelters that may need an absorbent base. It is also a great product for a horse on box rest or is in recovery from surgery and may need a cushioned or warm bedded floor. Aquamax is virtually dust free so a must for owners of dust allergic horses.

Aquamax is the ‘way forward’ in the bedding stakes. It is a contemporary, natural product, ticking all the bedding boxes – superior absorbency, total odour control, virtually dust free, anti-septic and totally bio-degradable. Perfect for competition yards where waste needs to be kept to a minimum or for amateurs where mucking out is quicker and sweeping the yard easier, especially in bad weather.

To find out more about Aquamax and see its absorbency and quality at first hand

Visit their stand in The World of the Horse, next door to the Festival of Food!

From May to July Aquamax will be offering 63 x 15.91kg bags of their bedding for the price of 60. Or at the show you can order 40 bags and get a Free Fine Tine fork! Follow the link for more details.

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