ANDREAS OSTHOLT WINS CIC*** Meßmer Trophy and is new National Champion

The last pole fell, but in the end it was enough. New National Champion and winner of the CIC*** Meßmer Trophy is Andreas Ostholt (GER) on his gelding So is Et (41.80). In second and third place came Ingrid Klimke (GER) on Horesware Hale Bob (43.60) and Peter Thomsen (GER) on Horseware’s Barny (48.20).

Andreas Ostholt and So Is Et

Andreas Ostholt and So Is Et held on to their lead in the final show jumping of the three-star-event. There were a few hairy moments, but in the end only a pole from the final oxer fell. The course designed by Heiko Wahlers proved to be difficult. There were rather a lot of mistakes being made, which mixed up the scores after cross country quite a bit. Pia Münker, who was in second place had three down and ended up in seventh place. Jonelle Price moved from third after cross country into fifth after show jumping.

Andreas knew before the show jumping that he had one jump in hand, however the time was tight and he couldn’t have any time faults on top: “Coming to the last fence, I knew I could still have a fence down but had to speed up to make the time. Therefore I had to risk the pole.”

During the prize giving ceremony Andreas expressed his gratitude and thanked the TGL team for all they had done this week: “We spent a fabulous week here in Luhmühlen and rode under perfect conditions. The audience was extremely supportive which motivated horses and riders.”

In the final press conference Ostholt also thanked Hans Günter Winkler for supporting him here: “I am very grateful for Hans Günter Winkler to have come here this week. It really means a lot. The last time he was here was in 1960 as a competitor, but has since belittled eventing slightly. Now I am proud that he felt part of team Ostholt.” Ingrid Klimke rode yet another very confident round on her horse Horseware Hale Bob: “Bobby jumped fantastically. He was extremely fresh today and even threw in a little buck warming him up. I do a quite a bit of show jumping on him anyway, and he usually excels in speed classes. So I decided to ride him like I would in a jump off!”

Peter Thomsen praised his horse’s performance this week and was very happy about winning the bronze medal today. However, he was somewhat critical about his achievement: “I am very glad we came third today. But I am aware that my dressage result could have been slightly better and I could have ridden inside the optimum time in cross country. In show jumping we had one down, so there is room for improvement yet.”

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