An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) has been called by British Eventing….

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) has been called by British Eventing after a petition was submitted by a small number of members expressing no confidence in the Chairman and Chief Executive.

The meeting was been called as a result of 107 members signing the petition. Under its Articles of Association, British Eventing has a duty to hold an EGM if 100 signatures are submitted. The Extraordinary General Meeting will be held on Monday October 22nd 2018 at Stoneleigh. The Chairman of the meeting will be Mr Guy Prest.

The EGM has to be held within a specified period of time and British Eventing is holding it before the AGM which is scheduled for November 4th, when an election for two Director positions is being held.

Paul Hodgson was co-opted to the position of Chairmain in 2014 whilst David Holmes has been British Eventing’s Chief Executive since 2015.

British Eventing stated that the Chairman had communicated which each of the signatories on the request providing them with three opportunities to correspond or meet with him. One of these opportunities was a conference call due to be held today (October 4) whilst another was a meeting scheduled for Monday October 8th.

On the British Eventing website, the announcement of the EGM said the “Board takes seriously the views of members and will continue to do so, it is also acutely aware of its responsibility to both the members and for the future of the sport. We are lucky to have so many people who feel passionately about their sport and we want their opinions aired in a constructive manner. A motion of no confidence has no legal standing in terms of removing a Director from the Board, however we need to make sure that any concerns are fairly considered and where necessary addressed.”

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