About; Amerigo and Equipe saddles are both names which are synonymous with the sport of eventing. 

What’s on offer at Badminton …Visit their stand at Badminton to discover their selection of leatherwork including bridles, girths, breastplates and get advice from the Amerigo and Equipe trained saddle fitters who help with all your saddle requirements. 

A host of the brand’s ambassadors will be competing at Badminton and visiting the stand for rider signings. 

Where to find them; Amerigo & Equipe Saddles – Stand 172 (Swangrove Street) or 

Offers; Clearance stock at attractive prices.

Equipe is one of the leading international brands in equestrianism with its eventing ambassadors including Izzy Taylor and Laura Collett. 

The company draws from the traditional crafts of saddle production, with each model made in-houseusing only the best Italian and French leather. Designed to satisfy the demands of professional riders and amateur enthusiasts alike, Equipe saddles are a tribute to elegance across all disciplines, from show jumping, to dressage, to eventing and endurance riding.

The range includes the innovative E-Carbon models. Each carbon fibre saddle tree is manufactured using a revolutionary production process, with the emphasis on saddle shapes and meeting the individual needs of every horse and rider combination.

Alongside saddles, Equipe also has a stunning selection of leatherwork and accessories including bridles, girths, stirrups, horse boots and tack cleaning products. 

Amerigo Saddles are used by top professionals all over the world, including eventing ambassadors Nicola Wilson and Sam Griffiths.

All Amerigo saddles are individually handcrafted to order in Italy using first choice French and Italian hides. The specially selected leather combined with meticulous and qualified handcrafting, ensures that every Amerigo saddle becomes a true “Made in Italy” masterpiece. 

Peter Menet, the man behind Amerigo, works with leading equine physios and vets to ensure the saddles keep the horse as healthy as possible while obtaining its maximum performance. This allows horse and rider to perform comfortably, efficiently and in balance, whatever the discipline.

The brand’s innovative Multifunctional Panel System (MPS) is used for all Amerigo saddles and is a unique mixture of synthetic fibres that respond to warmth to ensure a perfect fit. The panels can be made with different amounts of stuffing to suit each horse. 

Alongside a comprehensive range of saddle models, to accommodate different horse shapes, Amerigo also has a gorgeous collection of bridlework and accessories. Its Vespucci bridle range offers a signature design which protects the poll area by integrating all bridle parts into one softly padded headpiece. The unique, ergonomically shaped, Protector Girths are a firm favourite with many, as is the Event Breastplate which boasts a special five-point system for ultimate comfort and freedom of movement.  




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