About: Aloeride, the only Soil Association Certified Organic aloe vera horse feed supplement in the world, offers significant and simultaneously occurring benefits thanks to its proven exceptional quality. 

One carton provides a month’s supply of optimally grown aloe vera barbadensis miller juice in 30 powder sachets so horses receive the molecules that make aloe vera’s magic in a palatable and easy-to-use form. 

What sets Aloeride aloe vera apart from the competition is that Aloeride is a specialist whole leaf aloe vera feed supplement that 100% conforms to Consultant Gastroenterologist and internationally renowned aloe vera expert Dr. Ivan Danhof MD PhD definition of ‘best aloe’. Yet Aloeride is very much more affordable than lesser aloe vera products.

Aloeride helps with a number of conditions. If your horse or pony suffers from poor hoof growth or crumbling/split hooves, then this can make it difficult to keep shoes on and interfere with your planned competition schedule! Clinical trials have shown that aloe vera can boost hoof growth by more than 50% over a four-month period – and the unique spectrum of nutrients within Aloeride can bring even better results. Equally, horses with digestive problems can benefit from aloe vera in their diet as it soothes and supports a healthy digestive system, relieving irritation and also encouraging a greater nutrient uptake from the appropriate diet. Other benefits from feeding Aloeride also include help in promoting a glossy coat, healthy skin and supporting a healthy immune system. 

Where to find them; Although Aloeride are not exhibiting at Badminton, please visit them at 

Offers; Aloeride has kindly created a discount code for Eventing Worldwide readers. Readers purchasing one carton of Aloeride (one month’s suppy for horses) will receive £10 off.

The code will be active from 1st May to 11th May. Code: Badminton2018. 

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