So our first event of the season arrived after what felt like a very long winter, Hugo looked better than ever and had clearly wintered well, with a gleaming coat looking more like an eventer than ever before!

We arrived early and it was a chilly start for horses, rider and owner!!

As we walked down to the dressage having a quick chat about our aim for the day and what we where hoping to achieve from our first run of the season, it was very much agreed that the day was mainly focused on completing well. Hugo’s last run of the 2014 was indeed here at Aldon and unfortunately he unseated his rider, but after a solid winters training I felt confident the day would end well.



Hugo warmed up well and was looking superb, he was very settle for his first “party” and performed a very constant good dressage, perhaps having a little wobble in his halt but all in all a good job done!!

Now Hugo loves his showjumping, he has always been reliable and jumps super clears and today was no exception!




Today was not about being competitive and for this reason I did not want to know our dressage score, this would have change my whole out look on the day, and it would be very difficult for me to control the extremely competitive steak within me. Those that know me well you will understand how hard it was for me to stay focused and committed to my non competitive decision I made earlier in the day!

But I stuck to my guns and off we walked to the XC warm up. So my horse warmed up well, rider seemed happy, so there was nothing left to do but count down from 10, so as they disappear into the distance and out of site, the feeling of wanting them to return safely and cross that finish line with Alex grinning became the thing I wanted most in the world. I did my usual pacing back and forth waiting for them to come back into view, but now I can see them I start to ride and jump every fence, now this is absolutely hilarious to my Husband who assures me this is what he comes eventing for, his wife is the most entertaining part of the whole day, fact! But in my defence who doesn’t do this?

So they jump the problem fence from October, land well and they’re away, by this time I’m starting to make the fast walk/jog the finish (I don’t do running unless extreme circumstances) and with that I breathe a sigh of relief and begin to grin, a lot, my wonderful No 1 pony crosses the finish line along with his smiling rider, Happy Days!!!!!




So both are good, things went to plan, horse is sound, has recovered well,


That moment when its now ok to be competitive, so to hear Alex reply with 25 was fantastic news. Now I’m nearly running to the secreatries tent with the biggest grin on my face, remembering why I adore the sport so very much.

On my arrival, breathing heavily, I scan the score board and make a mental note that there is only 1 dressage score better than us so the worse we can be is 2nd, and 2nd is exactly what we came home with!!!!

Absolutley delighted is an understatement, to start the day wanting to complete safe and well, and end up coming home with a 2nd rosette for our first run of the season was fantastic!!!

The Night Travller did not disappoint, and I’m so happy the season is here and I’m now very much looking forward to our next outing at Portman in the Novice!

 To read more about Hugo, Alex and Team Bragg CLICK HERE

Thank you to Demuir Images and Tanzy Lee for the fab photos.



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