Aintree JAS

Georgia Dixon reports….

Aintree Equestrian Centre is a popular venue which is home to lots of BSJA and BD competitions. Last weekend however, it was home to the British Eventing JAS competition. The classes ranged from BE90 to Novice with no more than 15 people entered per class. 

Jessica Sutton and Pippa III won the BE90. Jessica scored a style score of 12, adding no other penalties to her score. Maddie Maher and Brier Leahy both got the next best style scores, attaining a score of 18. Brier Leahy however added 4 jump faults and 10 time, leaving her on a score of 32, to come 3rd. On the other hand, Maddie and Willoway Chicago finished on the score of 18 to come 2nd. Six riders in the BE90 were eliminated or retired on course. 

There were only 8 riders in the BE90 Open section, however Anna Chadwick stormed into the lead. Anna was riding Elmo III and were the only combination to finish on their style score of 19. The best style score came from Abigail Boulton and Drummonds Gunfire, they got a style score of 15. However, after attaining 8 faults altogether on course, followed by 25 time faults, that pushed them out of the placings. 

No combinations finished on their dressage scores in the BE100 class of 14 starters, however the top three scores were very close. Jessica Legge and Ballymacar won the class finishing on a score of 26. Jessica Sutton came 2nd riding Polly III, finishing on a score of 26.10 and Maddie Maher and Willoway Chicago came 3rd finishing on 26.20. 

Jessica Legge had the best style score of 13, with only two other combinations getting under 20. Jessica Sutton scored a style score of 19.1 and Katie Corteen and Forgeland Tiger Tot had the second best style score of 19. 

Lois Roberts and Volando IV won the BE100Open class, being the only combination to finish on their style score of 15. Molly Fletcher and Motabower Katie had the best style score in the class of 12, however 5 time faults left them in 2nd place just behind Lois. 

Laura Walken and Cointreau WV made their mark in the Novice classes after winning the Novice and placing second in the Open Novice. Laura scored a style score of 9 and only added three time faults in the Novice class. In the Open Novice the pair scored a style score of 14 and only added 4 jumping faults as well as 4 time, leaving them on a score of 22.

There were only 6 entries in the Open Novice, however, Polly Feather and Wyman were the combination who stood out after adding only 10 time faults to their style score of 9. The best style score of the day came from Polly and Laura who both scored 9. 

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