About: The African Horse Safari Association introduces riders to their perfect horse back safari experience.

Offbeat Safaris was established in 1990, beginning with mobile horse back safaris and then further expanding the collection to include traditional safari camps and lodges in Kenya’s prime game viewing areas. They have become well known for offering exceptionally high standards of guiding, service and accommodation, whilst not compromising on the true nature of being on safari.  Experiencing this raw wilderness is what makes our safaris so special.

Borana Riding Safari takes place on a 32,000 acre ranch in Kenyas’ Laikipia region between the slopes of Mount Kenya and the savannah. A unique area offering many of the worlds endangered species including reticulated giraffe, gravys zebra and wild dog as well as elephant, buffalo, plains game and predators. For experienced riders, custom-tailored riding safaris lasting from one to ten days offer the ultimate horseback experience. Each night is spent either fly camping in one of the community owned lodges or in the cabins of Lake Rutundu on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Luxurious accommodation, excellent cuisine and diverse activities mean that riders and non-riders are welcome.

Kaskazi Horse Safaris is a privately guided horseback operation in Northern Tanzania. Our focus lies with horses and Safaris off the beaten path. Due to the
owner’s many years of experience within the Safari industry, Kaskazi designs unforgettable safaris all over Africa, with focus in Tanzania. Each safari is led by qualified and professionally trained guides, always pushing for a new and exhilarating adventure. Whether you would like to unfold Africa’s beauty by horseback or by foot, Kaskazi will share its enthusiasm and tell stories that will travel generations. The routes are off the beaten track but in destinations well known to the world, the Serengeti, Natron, along the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, and with a vast knowledge about the countries fauna and flora, we go deep into the bush and together enjoy the wonders that Africa has to offer, the magnificent wildlife, the scenery and the magical interaction with the local tribes who inhabit these areas. All this viewed from what back in the days also used to roam wild, the horse.

Okavango Horse Safaris was founded by PJ & Barney Bestelink, and this safari will give you an experience that you will never forget. Riding on horseback in groups of 8 or less, this is the most intimate way to experience Okavango’s wildlife and beauty. With Okavango Horse Safaris, you’ll experience breath-taking wildlife and scenery, extremely knowledgeable guides and staff, the most comfortable bush accommodation, all backed up by an exceptional safety record.

Wait A Little horse safaris are highly personalized and specialized riding safaris for experienced riders, run by Gerti and Philip Kusseler in the Karongwe Private Game Reserve close to the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. There are three types of safaris which take you over an area of 35 000ha of African wilderness, 6, 8 or 10 days long. Years of experience and training enables the horses to be calm merely meters away from big game. A high standard of riding within the group ensures exciting up-close game sightings and sporty riding on wonderful horses. Because of Gerti’s level of schooling and training, the horses are fun to ride and together with Philip’s guiding experience over the past 10 years is a safari with “Wait A little” the perfect thrill for the experienced rider.

Where to find them: African Horse Safari Association, Stand 27 Allen Grove or

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