Well we are well into the season and I am really pleased with how the horses have come out of the winter. Duck is feeling great and the young ones really looking like they are stepping up this year after putting in the ground work over the last season and over the winter.

LOUISAHaving been a little lacks at Blog updates thought I would just do a quick (ish!) bit on what each of the horses have been up to, so starting with the big man as he is obviously at the top of the list! I had him out a few times in Jan and Feb to BS at SNEC and Morris, he loved this idea and was very fresh but picked up a nice 5th in the Foxhunter at Morris, it did have the desired effect though as at Lincoln he was a lot more focused doing a lovely test and double clear finishing in 5th in the OI, it was then a speedy re apperance for him at Burgham CIC*** where he was just a little wild in the Dressage but jumped a lovely double clear at least he loves his job! Weston Park was his last run before Badminton and a much more settled test and two lovely rounds jumping, just catching one pole in the SJ, so we are now on the final count down to Badminton.

Yorkie also started off his season with a couple of trips out BS with a 4th in his first outing in the Newcomers before going to Burgham for the OI, he did a nice test but the weather wasn’t fantastic so after he had a few poles in the SJ I didn’t want to risk him XC. Weston was next on the cards for him and I had a fab run xc in the OI and we are just back form Burgie where he was 3rd in the OI after doing a nice double clear.

Harry has been twinkling his toes both BS and Eventing winning a Newcomers at Morris and SNEC as well as finishing 6th in his first Novice at Burgham and then winning Dalkieth and feeling really smart which is exciting, but just to make sure I don’t get too carried away he got a bit stressy and strong on the XC at Burgie so I retired him and will reorganize for Floors.

Oliver and Sky had a few Arena Event outings and a trip to BS, Sky as usual showing the boys how it LOUISA2should be done! And Oliver giving me the run around! But we have had a very useful winter with him and I think I have finally found a bit that he likes and he is feeling good. Burgham BE100 was the first run for them and it was very wet and muddy but both seemed to love the it with Sky doing a lovely double clear, Oliver was a little cheeky but felt good, we then took him to do a HT at Forresterseat where he finished 2nd in the open which was then a little catching as he was also 2nd in the BE100 at Dalkieth, whoop whoop!!!! With another nice clear XC at Burgie in not the nicest weather which wasn’t encouraging me to really put the foot down.

Paddy hasn’t been eventing as yet but has had some Arena Eventing and BS outings which he thought was a lot of fun, doing his BS on a ticket which was a shame as otherwise he would have won a little money being 3rd in the DN. We are just working away at home with him at the moment just to try and build more established basics.

The new boy on the block is Morris who is a very nice 6 yr old with low mileage, so most of the work has been done behind the scenes with trips xc Schooling and Jumping down at Edenside. He went to Forresterseat HT to do 80cm and was a wee star small hesitation going into the water but a great attitude. We took him up to Burgie which is always a great learning experience for the young ones and he did the 80cm Arena Event on Saturday which he won (go Morris!) then the BE event in a total white out on the Sunday, doing a very nice test 28.8 then clear SJ, XC wee look at the ditch but very low mileage at mo so practice will make perfect hopefully!

Ahhh I think we are just about caught up with all the news!

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