At the moment I am already going from being so nervous I can’t even think,and then I get so excited I just want to pick up the closest object and squeeze it so tight to get out all the excitement! EEEK…!

Since Aldon International my weeks have been so varied and simply amazing!
Ester had a few lovely days off and I got to enjoy 2 holiday weeks with my special little pony! During that time we had a very exciting visit – An equine communicator (Horse whisperer) and she enlightened us with some lovely facts about Ester, my three favourites were… Her favourite food is strawberries?!? She loves to jump into water and my future in horses will always involve Ester, I was told that no matter what there is some reason to why I cannot be separated from Ester. And I believe this to be very true, anytime I imagine selling Ester it brings tears to my eyes.

At the end of my Easter holidays I competed at the new venue Portman Horsetrials It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g! We travelled on the Tuesday and stayed at the most loveliest place, it was a smart little hunt yard and Ester was lucky enough to have a stable inside the barn, by the door and she was completely in her element! She had a lovely thick straw bed aswell as a very large stable! If I was a pony myself, I would have been very happy! The whether was lovely and the sunset was simply gorgeous ( these photo’s aren’t edited!)









So we arose lovely and early… as always it would seem! For our 8am dressage (Go team 8am dressage!)
Moreover to the fact that, all my hours and hours of dressage lessons we finally bagged a lovely dressage! I may have actually accidently forgotten my test… Buuut, we scored a 28!!
Following on from my dressage we nailed a flying clear round!











The course was very nice and lovely to ride, but with the BE100 courses being built to horse length, it sometimes can make it a little bit more difficult for us! But I rode with that in mind!

After the relief of finishing the dressage we continued off to do cross country! And my run around the cross country was simply exhilarating! I was so nervous and had a melt down in the starting box as I looked out across the first three fences… and remembered that a few were in the novice!
But as I always say ‘ Think positive and kick on… it’ll get you places you only dream of!’
With that in mind we absolutely flew the course, jumping; corners, tables, off set houses, ditches, triples, step combinations with no aspiration to stop our rhythm at all!

So with our lovingly dressage score of 28 and a double clear with no time to add  (18 seconds spare!) We finished on 28 and the led the section for a while! Until all the professionals had to come in and ruin my fun! But that’s what it is all about!

We finally kicked off the season with an amazing 5TH place!! My pony sure is a superstar!

We also received an amazing gift from my wonderful sponsor: Wylde Equestrian! I was given some amazing Pikeur Jodhpurs to take to badminton! Such a lucky lucky rider!


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