So new Year , new start right ?

So new Year , new start right ? How many of you have made New Years resolutions to eat better , rnp-master-logo-outlinedworkout more , cut out sweets/alcohol/ sugar? How many of you are sticking to it ?
I find if you try and make massive life style changes in one go you are less likely to stick at it so here are our top 3 tips that we think might help you :

1. Try and make one simple change at a time . Whether this is something as simple as drinking more water everyday or cutting down the number of cans of fizzy drink you have . If you make it more achievable for yourself you’ll be pleased when you’ve done it and won’t get disheartened. Even if you make just one change a month that’s still 12 in a year … think of the improvements you’ll feel.
2. Drink more water . It’s free , easily accessible and helps with so many things . Recommended daily amount is 2 litres but you could always up this gradually as suggested in tip no. 1 !
3. Prepare your food for the day or even week ahead ! Again a very simple idea but really can make all the difference. It’s so often the case for us busy horsey folk to either not eat ( I used to be terrible for this ) or eat the wrong stuff because it’s quick and easily accessible. Surviving on a sugar rush is no good at all ! We recommend taking boiled eggs, carrot sticks , hummus or a prepared salad with you out and about . Perfect for snacking and so much better for you ! Nuts are also a favourite of mine too …. but not pistachios….. they are a pain whilst trying to drive !!
Anyway I hope these tips will help you with your healthier eating journey … as always , here to help if you have any questions !

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