Laura Cocking: Champagne, new stables and a soggy arena floor

Happy New Year everyone, 2012 is finally here and the eventing season is just around the corner!


I had a lovely Christmas with family arriving from all over the place- a horsey aunty from East Sussex and an uncle from USA (who thinks he’s a cowboy!).  New Year was celebrated at work in the local pub so later there was lots of live music, dancing and free champagne resulting in a very late night/ morning!


At the yard it is currently hours of hacking around the Welsh mountains, getting all the horses fit for the new season. I’ve had a few new horses arrive over Christmas and New Year so it looks like I can finally call myself a professional! Dad is busy battling against the winds building stables to order (by me!) kindly donated by HDI Ltd. I haven’t found anyone to donate me a horse walker yet!


No names mentioned, I’ve already experienced my first fall of the year, catapulted by the biggest buck ever onto the soggy arena floor. I think I must have pulled every muscle in my body!


The young horses have been busy at unaffiliated competitions dressage and showjumping- one is completely terrified of the white dressage boards so I have borrowed a few to school him with. I also got the guts to take the 5yo out hunting and after starting out dancing through the mud and flinching at the brambles down his side he emerged a true hunter. We jumped a lot more than planned as at one stage we found ourselves overly keen in the middle of the ‘jumpers’ so couldn’t chicken out!


The youngsters should be starting at Somorford Park all being well with the two big boys going to Lincoln for the first Young Rider Trial of the year. Houghton and Bramham will hopefully be the first major 3DE’s with the aim of getting longlisted and selected for the Young Rider European team 2012! It will be exciting to wear my new cross country colours provided by new sponsors Airowear- so look out for the blue colours!


Anyway let’s hope this mild weather continues and there’s no snowy surprises round the corner!


Laura x

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