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HorseSolicitor Wins Breach of Contract and Negligence Claim

Mr F purchased a motorised horse box from a garage who specialised in converting box vans in to motorised horse boxes.  The purchase price was £20,000.00.   Mr F purchased the vehicle with the intention of using it to transport his horses to various events throughout the country.  The Claimant relied upon representations made by the seller in the advert for sale and in particular that it “could carry 2 large horses”.   Mr F bought the horsebox and used it for the transport of his horses for a season but was subsequently advised at a horse ... Read More

THE RURAL PLANNING PRACTICE – The Magic of Turning Barns into Houses 

  The growing housing shortage we face in the United Kingdom is becoming increasingly apparent in rural areas. Much of the planning policy is focused on urban areas without any special regard to the open countryside. One of the Government’s solutions to this problem is the conversion of redundant agricultural buildings into residential use via Permitted Development rights, introduced in 2013, originally known as Class MB and more recently Class Q. The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development Order) 2015 sets out the qualifying criteria at Part 3, Schedule 2 of the document. For ... Read More

Ruffled feathers after accident at yard

A Claimant was awarded £30,000 damages following a horse riding accident that occurred during a private lesson in an indoor arena. The client, who was 18 years old at the time, was riding a horse at trot as directed by the instructor taking the lesson. She had only recently started riding and was in the early stages of learning to canter so she should have been classed and treated as a novice rider. The instructor advised our client at the beginning of the lesson that the horse that she was riding was new to the ... Read More

THE RURAL PLANNING RACTICE – Planning for a Stable Future ..

It is the dream of many horse owners to look out of their bedroom window in the morning and see their horses tucked up on the yard outside. The dream can become a reality, but requires jumping over the hurdles of the planning process first.  The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 is the basis of modern day planning and permission will be required for any permanent equestrian building. This includes anything from a small two horse permanent field shelter to a commercial yard with 40 stables. A mobile field shelter which has skids ... Read More

£2,500 compensation for horse rider injured by an untraced driver

We were instructed to act for Miss G following a horse riding accident in which she was involved whilst out hacking on 20th November 2015. The circumstances of the accident were that she was riding her 24-year-old thoroughbred mare, which she had owned for 12 years and with whom she had a good established relationship. The mare was very good in traffic and had never had bolted with her in the past. Our client was riding out with her sister who was on her horse which she had owned for 5 ... Read More

£5,500 compensation for client injured on DIY yard

HorseSolicitor was instructed to claim damages in connection with an accident that occurred at a DIY livery yard on 13 November 2013. At the time of the accident our client stabled her horses at the yard. Our client was leading her horse across the yard, followed by her mum who was leading another horse, when suddenly both horses and our client fell. Our client sustained injury to her elbow and she chipped a tooth. A different horse had fallen in the same spot just 2 days before and the yard owner was aware that ... Read More


  Petplan Equine, one of the UK’s leading specialist horse insurers, is determined to help horse owners quickly identify lameness. Over 45% of Petplan Equine claims in 2015 were lameness related showing how common an issue this is within the equine community.  Petplan Equine’s ‘Spotting Lameness’  aims to help all horse owners and riders learn more about the symptoms, treatment and related issues of lameness. In addition to an interactive game putting visitor’s lameness knowledge to the test, the supporting material available includes an educational video, a poster to display ... Read More


Two horse dealers (Ms Jurecka and Ms Johnson) and a vet (Dr Smith) were recently convicted of multiple counts of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation.  The large scale fraud involved drugging horses in order to mask health issues and other, often serious, behavioural issues in order to pass them off as fit and to sell them as being suitable for novice and inexperienced riders.  In most cases the horses passed pre-purchase vetting carried out by the vet, who was guilty of altering records to hide any issues and on ... Read More

Preparing your Equestrian Property for the Market

Summer is the perfect time to show case your equestrian property for sale on the open market. Large or small, preparing a stable yard, fields, possibly a ménage and a house for market can seem a fairly daunting task. Fox Grant estate agents give you an insight into what makes a perfectly presented property and how to achieve it. Starting now with your planning and de cluttering will really help to ensure your property is ready and looking its very best when your equestrian estate agents arrive to value ... Read More

Valuing multiple injury claims

In cases where a horse rider has sustained multiple injuries such as several broken bones, psychological issues, scarring and soft tissue damage he/she will receive compensation for the general sum of all of the injuries rather than for each individual injury. Multiple injury claims are more complicated to value that cases involving just one injury. This is because the compensation awarded for the injury element of a claim comprises of damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity. The pain element is often shared across various injuries and not actually greater than ... Read More