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As soon as the fixtures for the 2018 season were published on the British Eventing website I, like many event riders, sat down armed with my iPad and the 2018 calendar and began to plan my season. I begin my planning by whittling down which events are within reasonable traveling distance (anywhere within a two hour radius, however, my partner and I have differing ideas as to what is considered reasonable travelling time to spend 'about 10 minutes in total sat on a horse!') I then proceed to decide out of these which dates ... Read More


Have you ever been told “horse riding is not a sport you just sit there”, I think every single person that has ever ridden a horse has been told this at some stage of their riding career. We all know this is defiantly not true, but how many times have you got to the end of a good lesson and struggled to maintain your position, or really struggled to ride the last few jumps of a cross country course? A lot of riders forget that cross training/living a healthy lifestyle is just as important for ... Read More

RIDER NUTRITION PROJECT – Your food is your fuel

As we fast approach the end of the year for a lot of you this will mean some downtime from the horses . Well, by downtime I mean perhaps a few quiet weeks before the winter training begins ! I do like to ask the same question to new riders I meet and that is ‘ are you feeling as great at the end of the season as your horse appears to be or are you exhausted from all those early starts and long days ?’ More often than not the answer is that they ... Read More


Carbohydrates are the most important source of fuel in an athlete’s diet. And yet some athletes experiment with popular low-carbohydrate regimens, mistakenly believing that these diets will somehow “train” the body to burn more fat for fuel, or that carbohydrates interfere with the body’s ability to burn fat. But carbohydrates are a critically important energy source during exercise. In fact, the body cannot use fat for energy unless carbohydrate is present. Why Carbohydrates Are So Important for Athletes: Carbohydrates are the fuel that makes the body’s engine run, and athletes need plenty of carbohydrates before, ... Read More

JANE PIKE – Pushing through to the other side ….

EWW welcomes Jane Pike, Jane is an Equestrian Mental Skills Coach at www.confidentrider.online. She specialises in giving riders the skills they need to ride with confidence and joy, and the mental fitness to be focused, on form and in the zone for competition.  How to regain your confidence after a bad experience or injury.. It’s more than a little frustrating when something that we have come to recognize as bringing us great joy and pleasure becomes a source of anxiety and apprehension. It might be that you took a tumble whilst going around the Cross ... Read More


Over the past couple of months I have been doing some research about keeping our horses hydrated .. so often , if you are out competing all day , it is the case that a horse may not drink for hours . Last drink being before he left home having travelled , competed and travelled home again . It just proves how incredibly stoic these animals are ! Anyway , it made me start thinking, how much do competitors actually drink whilst at a competition and what are they drinking ?? Having done a ... Read More

So new Year , new start right ?

So new Year , new start right ? How many of you have made New Years resolutions to eat better , workout more , cut out sweets/alcohol/ sugar? How many of you are sticking to it ? I find if you try and make massive life style changes in one go you are less likely to stick at it so here are our top 3 tips that we think might help you : 1. Try and make one simple change at a time . Whether this is something as simple as drinking more water ... Read More


With the eventing season drawn to a close I find it interesting to compare the differences between horses and their jockeys . Most horses are super fit and looking amazing after a busy season , shiny eyes , glossy costs and muscled up . The riders however ( some, not all ) are beginning to look tired , weary and ready for a quieter winter . It's not surprising really ..... early morning starts , multiple horses to ride everyday and the relentless task of eventing several horses potentially week in , week ... Read More

A healthy work out regime isn’t complete without the right nutrition

  Kelly Bowers … We all know that we cannot expect our horses to perform at their best on a poor diet so why do we give our diets such little thought ? Fortunately we have the wonderful masterminds at Spillers, Redmills, Topspec, Bailiees or whichever feed manufacturer you use that we can consult with about our horses needs but who, as a rider, would you speak to? It is advised that , for our metabolism to be working at its optimum, we should be eating 5-6 small meals a day but this ... Read More


Your gluteals, in case you are not sure, are your bottom muscles, and they are vital to any rider’s performance - they help you with your leg aids, and changes in position in the saddle, as well as working with your core to have a light but effective seat in the saddle.  If your glutes are weak, not only can it affect your performance, but it also can cause a range of niggles or issues around the knee, hip, back and even foot.  But fear not, there are a whole ... Read More