Da Floying Oirshman

Age: 9

Location: In da paddock, Suffolk

Other interests: watching da fillies on Channel 4 racing and sniffing udder people rugs if dey are hanging over moi stable wall.

Favourite Eventing moment: Its got ta be da day Oi shot Dad over moi head. Nobody puts Chester in a corner… or over it for dat matter !

What is your favourite one day event? Da one’s dat end wid a frillie and a packet of ginger biscuits

What is your favourite International event? Ah dis ones a no brainer..its got to be da birth of da Baby Jeezus

Which four team members would be in your multi-national fantasy Olympic eventing team? Me, Big Barbie, Moilo, oh and Lynford Christie as he has his own lunch box.

Favourite quotations: AAAARRRGGGHHHHHH Jayzus ! Get off moi foot you Ginger eejit. (Dad)

Facebook: Click here

Essential piece of kit: Ginger biscuits

People and horses who inspire me: Cilla Black on account of her Shergar connections (Oi’m sure dat shes got his teeth)


Moi name is Chester. Oi was born in Oirland and told dat Oi was gonna be a racehorse. Dey called me Mr Mediator on account of moi obliging nature. Acourse Oi wasn’t DAT obliging and after a few races, Oi was shipped over to Taffy land where Oi was told Oi was gonna be a “point ta pointer”. After a couple of runs Oi decoided dat Oi couldn’t see da “point” and so Oi was loaded up and shipped to Suffolk where Oi have lived wid Mum, Dad, Moilo and Big Barbie ever since. Oi have moi own stalker (Feeble Bucknees, da 4 star event roider) and Oi killed off Dads old mare Sallie so Oi could have her stable overlooking da paddocks. One day Oim gonna be an advanced eventer but until den, Oim going to be rubbish… which Oi reckon is a good place ta start.